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[David Guymer] Ö Slayer (Gotrek & Felix, #14) [womens PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ö Great story Another epic ride by David Guymer The seventeenth Gotrek Felix novel, this completes the two part Doom of Gotrek Gurnisson arc within the wider Warhammer End Times series Following on from the events of Kinslayer it sees Gotrek and Felix heading south with a ragtag force of men to try and reach Altdorf and Felix s young family In the way are whole armies of marauding northmen, while the shadowy presence of Be lakor works to fulfil a prophecy and at last bring Gotrek s doom down upon him Despite their badly damaged friendship, the two adventurers fight side by side for what might be the last time.
For the most part Guymer s writing does a good job of fitting in with the Gotrek Felix style, although sometimes it can prove a little tricky to follow just what s going on Thankfully, when the real essence of Gotrek Felix does come to the fore, it s everything you want to see and a powerful remind With Enemies On All Sides And Destiny Calling, Felix Must Make A Choice To Follow Gotrek Into The Darkness That Awaits Him, Or To Abandon His Oldest Friend Once And For AllFor Many Long Years, Felix Jaeger Has Followed The Dwarf Slayer Gotrek Gurnisson Across The World Their Adventures Have Been Extraordinary, Their Heroic Partnership The Stuff Of Legends Now It Ends With Their Friendship In Tatters After A Series Of Betrayals, The Pair March South At The Head Of A Ragtag Army, Intent Upon Driving The Forces Of Chaos Out Of The Empire And Returning Felix To His Wife But Gotrek S Doom Is At Hand, And Great Powers Are At Work To Ensure That He Meets It With Enemies On All Sides And Destiny Calling, Felix Must Make A Choice To Follow Gotrek Into The Darkness That Awaits Him, Or To Abandon His Oldest Friend Once And For All Terrible end to the saga Real shame that Gotrek wasn t given the epic end we all wanted.
Me ha encantado este libro A n as , tengo sentimientos encontrados con el autor.
Lo admiro por haber cerrado la historia de Gotrek y Felix de una manera tan elegante y agridulce, pero estoy muy cabreado con l por el final no digo que sea malo, es s lo que me da rabia Este es el final del trayecto, y ha hecho que toda la saga haya valido la pena Me quito el sombrero y aplaudo con una l grima en la cara.
Action Adventure Fantasy, Ongoing Series NovelJoin Gotrek on his fantastical aim of a heroic death with Felix s oath of chronicling Gotrek s death.
The final of an epic journey Doom approaches and our heroes must confront their destinies SPOILERS view spoiler So, that was it Pretty anticlimactic and climatic at the same time Gotrek has a pretty sweet ending, but Felix just has this open ended ending Am I supposed to know what occurs next Do I really need to find all of the end times to know what happens Did their stories not matter at all in the grand scheme of things Wow, just kinda a let down view spoiler hide spoiler The is itthe end of the line I almost didn t want to finish it after reading the prior 13 because I didn t want the adventure to be over What else is there to say here lies a slayer after the brutal plot twist of kinslayers I found myself so angry at Gotrek but all is explained in this final chapter just read it already.

The Tale of Gotrek s Doom, is the tale of the Old World s Doom Action, pain, threads seen up, pain, and the End The End is nigh, the wheels of fate are spinning wild, and here Doom of Gotrek lies My feelings, as I started reading the last book in the series, were actually like the grand phrase of Gotrek I will accept no doom Through the years, Gotrek and Felix adventures has become a title by which you know you are reading BL production A long way from the first book in the long forgotten 1999, the series has gone full circle From a funny book of shorts with 2 heroes, human and dwarf, it has achieved the level of drama with the best of George Martin stuff Four different authors, with their fundamental writing styles, storytelling has created a living and breathing duo, in which you could and should invest your time King gave us small laughs, returning evil charact This did not feel like the characters we d grown up with during the series Shame that it ended this way.

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