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[ Read Online Smoldering Embers (Charlotte Grace #1) ✓ electrical-engineering PDF ] by P.M. Briede ↠´ I really like this Grace moves back to New Orleans after her husband dies to be closer to her family and her bff s Wesley and Paige Wesley gets her a director job where she hires Olivier.
Both men want her Wesley thought he d lost his chances when she got married Grace knows she met Oliver before but he denies it.
Weird things happen when Olivier is around but he s able to explain it away.
The end of the book was a surprise and not I actually suspected what Olivier reveals since their date but what Wesley and Paige said completely ticked me off.
I love the writing Its descriptive and captivating.
OMG What a great beginning to a series, I was blown away Smoldering Embers is the first book in the Charlotte Grace Series, which introduces the reader to Charlotte, who recently lost her husband and still in the grieving process Charlotte has recurring headaches with strange dreams and voices that occur at the same time each night Charlotte reenters the job force by the help of her long time friend Wesley Wesley has loved Charlotte for years and would like the relationship to go further However, Olivier steps into the picture and Charlotte has an unexplained connection with him Charlotte ends up being chased by 2 men who want hers and must make some hard decisions Charlotte s dreams intensify and she begins to recognize who the voices belong to, but b Charlotte Grace Is Recently Widowed And Moving Back Home To New Orleans, Louisiana There She Reconnects With Her Childhood And College Friends Wesley Breaux, Chief Of Staff For The Governor Of Louisiana, And Paige Lochs, Head Of The New Orleans Police Department Crime Lab She Takes A Job As Arts Director At Armstrong Academy, A New Private High School There She Hires Olivier Cheval To Be The School S Music Teacher As Both Men Make Their Romantic Intentions Known, Charlotte Finds Herself Immensely Attracted To Them But Struggles With Survivor S Guilt Concerning Her Late Husband But Both Have Secrets, Ones That Could Be An Absolute Blow To How Charlotte Sees And Therefore Feels About Them As If All Of This Wasn T Stressful Enough, She Has Begun To Experience Debilitating Headaches Again That All Seem Centered On An Eerie Green Fire, One That She Also Sees In The Eyes Of One Of Her Hopeful Lovers Will Charlotte Be Able To Reconcile Herself To Her New Life Sans Her Beloved Husband Will She Be Able To Work Through Her Feelings For The Two Men Pursuing Her To Find Love Again And Will She Be Able To Unravel And Look Past Their Secrets Charlotte Grace is no stranger to tragedy yet is unclear what to do next with her life She moves to New Orleans for a fresh start, new job, and seeing old friends For years, Charlotte has been dreaming about green fire and green eyes which leave her with horrendous migraine headache and sweating Upon meeting Olivier Cheval, Charlotte s dreams intensify and include familiar voices in them Charlotte cannot deny the connection between her and Olivier yet instinctively knows that he s hiding something from her no matter that she asks the truth from him repeatedly Charlotte s oldest friends Paige Lochs and Wesley Breaux want to bring her out of shell of grieving to enjoying life Why does Charlotte dream of green fire and familiar voi A Rollercoaster For The EmotionsThis is the story of Charlotte Grace, told in the first person perspective, as she s caught between two men I fell in love with Wesley during the first few times she interacted with him Olivier which he pronounces as Oliver, so that threw me off I honestly never liked him I can see why other readers do, and the author definitely tries to show why Charlotte is attracted to him and he does sound hot , but I already had my mind made up that she should choose Wesley, so that might be why I did not care for Olivier This is by no means a simple who will Charlotte choose sort of book I laughed, I cried, and I definitely shook than my share of fists through numerous parts This is b From beginning to end, the suspense never stops The characters are mature, witty, addictive, the mystery enveloping, and the truth gradually invading You really get to know the heart and soul of this book, Charlotte, and feel her struggles with painful dreams, a confusing reality, and difficult decisions involving those in her life Just when she thinks things are right, life flips her upside down again The hints of paranormal don t pull you too far out of the real world, but add flavor to the guessing game The romance, as a highlight, will take you through steamy, sensual, loving, and heart melting waves This author is detailed due to what she knows, making this book a pleasure to read, from the setting to the dialogue to the theatrical arts You ll stay hooked from the first words through the mild, cliffhanger end I honestly can t wait to read the next one Talk about crazy I don t think I ve ever read a book that I had no clue what was going on until the last chapter This is a great start to the series The guys have you flip flopping back and forth on their teams and Charlotte was a hard one to like in the beginning for me because she seemed very cold and stuffy but she loosened up and I loved her in the end My favorite characters would have to be either Paige Grace s BFF or Olivier Paige was so forward and honest, I liked her no holds bard attitude but I can t say I ll feel the same way in the next book Olivier was such a mystery from the beginning to end, but always seemed 100% sincere The writing was great, the characters very different and the story leaves you on the edge of your seat This is a must read, but beware, you better have book 2 ready to go when you finish book 1 First of all, I highly suggest not starting this novel until you have the entire series I absolutely loved this novel I could not put the thing down and upon reaching the end, there was no hesitation in picking up Wild Fire P.
M is a great story teller, ensnaring every emotion within those of her characters I found myself thinking about their day to day lives while not regaling us with the goings on of the important bits The cliffhanger at the end of the novel left me wanting , but I was not annoyed by it The characters are realistic, and have very human thoughts, fears, and strengths The only part I had troubles believing was how perfect these men seemed I found in her later works that P.
M rectifies this.

I received this from the author for a honest review.
Smoldering Embers by P.
M Briede is book 1 in a series It s romantic, mysterious, and suspenseful I really had a hard time figuring out just what the twist of this book was up until the very end It was bloody brilliant Charlotte Grace is a widow returning home after the loss of her husband Her friends Wesley and Paige are rallying around her to help her overcome her loss and get back to her life Charlotte also seems to suffer from debilitating headaches that cause these horrific nightmares It s very mysterious as to why she has these headaches and crazy nightmares Slowly Charlotte begins to move on with her life Then one day in walks all Oliver He has come to apply for a position that Charlotte is hiring for There seems to be some crazy connection with him and she fe I received this book from the author and from Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock Smoldering Embers is the first book in the Charlotte Grace serIes and ends with a huge cliffhanger The story introduces us to Charlotte and her besties, Wesley and Paige Charlotte loses her husband and is heavily grieving his loss A bit of a mystery is announced as Charlotte suffers from debilitating headaches that occur on and off her whole life, but at a specific time in the early morning What do her dreams have to do with the story It keeps the reader guessing and the pages turning.
As Charlotte, begins her life, post husband, she starts a job that puts her into contact with a mysterious stranger, Olivier He is all things sexy, but is he good for Charlotte Her BFF, Wesley, is be

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