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[ Pdf Something About Sophie Ü 12th-century PDF ] by Mary Kay McComas æ Sophie Shepard has always known she was adopted but never had the desire to locate her birth parents She loved her adopted parents and was happy with the home they had provided for her Investigating the circumstances of her birth seemed unnecessary When she received a letter from Arthur Cubeck, everything changed.
Arther had written to Sophie several times saying he had something important to tell her about her birth mother Each time she politely refused to meet with him but when the latest letter arrived begging her to see him before he died, she agreed to go on her summer break from teaching She would drive to the small Virginia town where he lived, about eight hours away from her home in Ohio.
When Sophie arrived, it was too late Arthur had passed away She stayed the night at the local BB but before she could leave for home, Arthur s attorney asked her to remai Sophie Shepard s past is a mystery, and the key to solving it dies before she has a chance to speak with him Before she gives up and leaves town, she decides to follow a few leads What comes next is a race against secrets and someone willing to kill to keep them buried.
While searching for answers, Sophie shares some intimate moments with Dr Drew McCarren and feelings start to brew Too bad their first date ends before it even begins when they find a dead body More violence ensues, and Sophie is right at the center of it Will she get answers before something bad happens to her Sophie is an interesting main character, possessing a strong sense of self I like in female protagonists The cast of characters, especially with the backdrop of an intriguing small town, is eclectic and entertaining Although the story starts off a bit slow, it gea The premise of Something About Sophie had me intrigued I can t resist a story full of dark secrets After finishing this book, I m left with mixed feelings about it.
The protagonist Sophie Shepard travels to a small Virginia town at the request of a dying man she doesn t know He has something important to tell her, and Sophie assumes it has to do with her birth parents She was adopted as a baby and doesn t know who her biological parents are Unfortunately, the man dies before she arrives, but Sophie finds out he s left her something significant in his will There must be a good reason why a stranger would write her into his will, and Sophie believes if she finds out the answer, she ll uncover clues to her mysterious past.
It took a long time for me to get into this story The first half of the book moved slowly, and I had a hard time connecting with the charac

5 stars.
Mystery meets chick lit There s something odd about this book, that gets a little odder the I think about it.
It s a mismatch between the tone and the events in the book.
The thing is, I like sweet, good natured women s fiction I mentioned this in my recent review of Robyn Carr s The Wanderer And this book out nices Carr in many ways, particularly the sweet Kindergarten teacher of a main character She s never been curious about her birth parents, because she loves her adoptive parents so much And now she s in a small town where everyone knows one another, and she s making friends fast.
Then there s the mystery, which starts out much like a cozy mystery the bad stuff happens off screen, with vague threats impinging on our heroine s activities I like cozy mysteries, so this is good as well The book is a little about the character and less about the who dunnit, and Sophie is Sophie a wonderful life as a Kindergarten teacher She has no interest in finding her birth parents Then out of the blue she receives a letter from a man she s never met He wants her to come visit him because he has something to tell her The man has died right before she arrives He feels so guilty about something that he has left her his family home, BelleEllen Sophie doesn t want the home and assumes that he is her birth father Then bad things happen around her Sophie is convinced that all these things are somehow tied to her tied to who her birth parents were.
I thought I had the perpetrator figured out several times, only to revise my thoughts This is a great blend of romance and mystery I enjoyed the characters and the setting very much.
I received a copy through Goodreads First Reads.
Sophie Shepard receives a letter from an Arthur Cubeck In the letter he writes that he knows about Sophie s mother He wants to tell her about her This intrigues Sophie as she did not know her or why she gave Sophie up When Sophie arrives, she is too late Arthur has dead Sophie decides to stay a few days before heading back She gets to know the towns people However they are hiding a secret from Sophie One that they do not want her to know Something About Sophie is another book that grabbed me I liked the premise of the story I started this book and got to chapter six then I put it down and walked away from it for an extremely long time When I came back to the book I read about two chapters and decided to give up on this book The characters did not jump off the pages for me For this type of story I need that in order for me to stick with the story Othe If you are looking for something deep and literary, you are not likely to like this.
With that said, it s a great summer read It s entertaining Some of the reviewers thought it was too slow The first half did move a bit slow sometimes, but it did pick up a lot in the second half I did not find the story predictable and there were some completely unexpected twists in the plot during the last half The main character is an adopted kindergarten teacher She seems to be a bit too nice and mature for her age sometimes I know I wasn t ever that mature at that age Even with that, it s great for entertainment.
It s light reading for great entertainment I d call it a romantic mystery Great chick lit Not too cerebral, but plenty on the light entertaining side.
Answering A Call That Summons Her To A Stranger S Deathbed, A Reluctant Sophie Shepard Is Too Late To Hear What He Was So Anxious To Tell Her What Was So Important That A Dying Man Would Think Of Her In His Final Moments With The Help Of Dr Drew McCarren, Sophie Begins To Dig Into Her Past, Setting Off A Chain Of Events That Chills The Quiet Town Of Clearfield, Virginia To Its RootsWith Part Of Her Wanting Nothing Than To Put Clearfield Behind Her And Run Back Home, Sophie Knows She Won T Rest Until She Discovers The Truth But Growing Closer To The Residents Also Means Uncovering Their Dark Secrets About The Woman Who Gave Her Up For Adoption, The Mysterious Part These Strangers Played, And The Life She Never Knew She Nearly HadSomething About Sophie Is An Unforgettable Story About The Power Of Loveand The Things People Will Do, Both Right And Wrong, To Protect It My ER book from LT I won this in January and I finally got around to reading it As soon as I started reading Something About Sophie I couldn t stop without thinking about what was going to happen next.
Sophie receives a letter from a man she has never met who is on his deathbed The story starts with us getting a glimpse into this man He feels responsible for Something About Sophie and is talking to a friend about it We don t discover what it is until the end The writing was splendid and moved at a good pace I was also able to stop in the middle of a chapter and not feel lost when I started again.
The ending of the story surprised me I was not expecting someone to die I did tear up at the end because I was both happy and sad for Sophie I am glad that I won this This is a book that I should ve absolutely loved, but it fell flat for me.
Part of the problem is that I didn t connect with Sophie at all And part of THAT is that I find it hard to believe when grownups have the infatuation at first sight thing that she has with Drew And there s also the fact that even the big mystery who are Sophie s parents and what happened to her mom didn t grab me.
I can overcome one of those things, but not both It almost read like Mary Higgins Clark as written by Nicholas Sparks And I don t mean that as a slam those are two wildly successful authors, and I m sure that this book will do quite well with its intended audience As for whether you are that audience depends on your feelings for those authors.

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