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✓ Sons and Princes É Download by ò James LePore This is the second free book I read from this author He writes so well and his stories are suspenseful This one was about the mafia and two families in particular.
I read this story of brothers who grew up immersed in the mafia culture fast, and continued to think about it after finishing I wanted it to be longer, and think it easily could have been In general I m not a fan of mafia stories but liked this one, for two reasons good, tight sentences and really good characterization especially of Chris, the main character.
Chris Massi Has Been Running From His World His Entire Life The Son Of A Mafia Assassin And The Former Son In Law Of A Mob Kingpin, Massi Has Tried To Stay On The Right Side Of The Law, Building A Prestigious Career As An Attorney, And Insulating His Children As Much As Possible But Now A Series Of Tragedies Have Left Him Without A Law License And Without Several Of His Loved Ones And At The Same Time, His Teenaged Son Is Beginning To Gravitate Toward The Gangster World Chris Has Tried So Hard To Protect Him FromMichele Mathias Has Been Running Away From Her Life For Than A Decade Once A Promising Young Woman With A Future, She S Now A Drug Addicted Street Player Living With The Knowledge That Her Daughter The Only Bright Thing In Her Life Was Taken Away From Her When Her Roommate Is Murdered In A Mob Related Hit, Her Life Intersects With Chris S Life And Their Worlds Change ForeverFor Chris, A Showdown Is Coming The Only Way For Him To Save His Son And Regain His Future Is To Face And Maybe Even Embrace The Demon He S Always Avoided For Michele, Her Last Chance At Redemption Has Arrived How Their Journeys Collide With The Dark New York Underworld Is The Stuff Of The Kind Of Suspenseful, Passionate Drama We Ve Come To Expect From James LePore I am a fan of James Lepore s, having read A World I Never Made and Blood of My Brother.
When I began reading Sons and Princes, I had good expectations I m happy to say this book didn t disappoint The storyline takes twists and turns as it takes the reader into the seedy underworld of the mob You see a world that s not pretty Drugs, sex, revenge and violence are all weaved within the storyline set in New York and New Jersey Two of the main characters are heroin addicts and as you read Lepore really drags you into a harsh world where nothing is sugar coated I liked how the story would take a twist here and there that I wasn t expecting Joseph, Chris brother, really impressed me with his courage and sheer determination Chris himself was a complex and likable character He battle Crime stories are usually not my cup of tea, but I decided to give James LePore s newest suspense novel, Sons and Princes, a try Boy, am I glad that I did LePore had me hooked from the very first line, which is not hard to do when you re asked to envision body parts showing up in a suitcase Enter Chris Massi, son of a Mafia assassin and the former son in law of one of NJ s most powerful dons Massi has enough to worry about what with losing his law license and keeping his teenage son from being drawn into the mobster world Chris has worked so hard to escape But his quest to avenge his father s murder sets in motion a chain of events that forces Massi to embrace this culture as the only way to protect himself and his family.
Some reading this may be turned off by Mafia references and the violence that usually comes with the territory, but Sons a Like all true believers, he saw his point of view as the morally correct one He was perfectly justified in returning hurt for hurt, death for death Ed DolanEd Dolan is a man on a mission, and that s bad news for Chris Massi Friends for a time when they were teenagers, the two boys lives were forever altered when Chris father killed Ed s The fact Chris father, Joe Black Massi, was a mafia hitman and Ed s was acting as hired muscle trying to protect the target of Joe Black s mission would seem to complicate the matter a bit Not for fifteen year old Ed, who swore revenge against the Massi family, no matter how long it took.
Fast forward 25 years and both Chris and Ed have become successful attorneys, Chris working at a prestigious defense firm, Ed as a United States Attorney Despite having married the daughter of a powerful mo Sons and Princes by James LePoreThis is a swan dive into the cesspool of organized crime, a journey of re invention of a decent human being caught in the currents of violence, revenge and even honor LePore writes a captivating story nearly impossible to put down His characters are both memorable and frightening Each one of us may carry the seed of violence that can blossom into the fruit of death The trigger for response is as uniquely individual as a finger print Chris Massi finds within himself family ties he didn t know existed LePore masterfully depicts a conflicted soul driven to acts of desperation for the noblest of virtues There are some scenes so clearly depicted that you feel the need to whip out the hand sanitizer before you turn another page Equally honor and coura I love a good crime story, and I was not disappointed by LePore s newest novel, Sons and Princes, which hits bookstores today You know the story is going to be good when it opens with a dismembered body of a hit man LePore is a wonderful storyteller, captivating the reader through his prose Just enough background information is given to entice the reader as the plot thickens, making it an impossible novel to put down.
I really enjoyed the different sections of the novel, zoning in on particular characters to help solidify and explain their actions throughout the story As the crimes unfold and the main character, Chris Massi, deals with his internal and external struggles, he must find balance between the Mafia s world and his own life To read my full review

Chris Massi grew up with a huge burden on his shoulders His father was a Mafia assassin and his father in law was a legend in the Mafia world Chris has tried his hardest to stay out of his father s world Chris became an attorney Lately, Chris is wondering if he has sheltered his son, Matt enough from the Mafia world Matt has been acting like a prince As if Chris does not have enough on his plate with his son, his disbarment from law Chris learns some new that will bring him back into a world that he wanted nothing to do with Michelle Mathias is a junkie Her room mate was just murdered When Chris comes into her life, Michelle thinks about cleaning up her life.
Sons and Princes is the latest novel from author Chris Massi never wanted to enter his father s business as a member of the Mafia Chris father, Joe Massi was an assassin for the Mafia.
Chris became an attorney and when Joe was murdered and Chirs mother died of a heart attack, he reassessed his family His son, Matt, age thirteen, showed signs of holding Mafia members in high esteem and Chris didn t want him to enter the life either.
Chris has a conference with the Don, Junior Boy DiGiglio who was Chris former father in law and Matt s grandfather Chris asks what he must do so Matt isn t groomed to enter the Mafia.
DiGiglio tells Chris about the man who murdered his father and asks if Chris would pay the man back.
We also follow Chris childhood friend, Ed Dolan who has developed a growing hatred for Chris since Chris father killed Ed s even though it was in self defense Ed is

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