✓ Soul of Smoke (Dragonsworn Book 1) ✓ Download by ☆ Caitlyn McFarland

✓ Soul of Smoke (Dragonsworn Book 1) ✓ Download by ☆ Caitlyn McFarland I am so, SO glad that I got the opportunity to read Soul of Smoke This book kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end McFarland increases the tension, both in action and romance, steadily throughout the novel.
The cast of characters is incredibly dynamic The dialogue and banter between Rhys and his dragon cohorts is fun and highly entertaining You ll absolutely want to become part of their vee I really enjoyed Kai as a main character I loved that she questioned and fought against her situation throughout the story, which was a very authentic response to the type of situation she found herself in I also loved that she had a bit of feistiness to her and was definitely not afraid to stand up for herself.
Rhys is an incredibly swoony love interest Despite his culture, his feelings, and the way he was raised, he commits to his decis I received this book from Netgalley, in exchange for a honest review 3 This book was a pleasant, unexpected surprise.
It s a fast, entertaining reading, that really hooked me.
It s definitely a PR UF, but the Author well balanced the romance component and the fantasy one.
I would have assigned 4 stars if it wasn t for Kai, the female lead character at times she seemed too selfish, self centred she was too focused on her freedom to really listen to what Rhys vee was trying to explain or, actually, to listen to her own feelings and in the end I just wanted to scream For heaven s sake, JUST KISS HIM.
And it s a pity, because I really liked the other characters well, especially Rhys and Cadoc they re dimensional and compelling I appreciated the world building, too it s not flawless, but I think it s interesting and quite well developed.
All in all, I will definit On A Hike Deep In The Rocky Mountains, Kai Monahan Watches As A Dozen Dragons Actual Freaking Dragons Battle Beneath A Fat White Moon When One Crashes Nearly Dead At Her Feet And Transforms Into A Man, Kai Does The Only Thing A Decent Person Could She Grabs The Nearest Sword And Saves His LifeAs The Dragon Man, Rhys, Recovers From The Attack, A Chance Brush Of Skin Against Skin Binds Him Inextricably To Kai Becoming Heartsworn To A Human Especially Such A Compelling One Is The Last Thing Rhys Wants But With An Ancient Enemy Gathering To Pit Dragons Against Humanity And His Strength Nearly Depleted, Kai Has Just Become The One Thing Rhys Needs A Complete Bond Will Give Him The Strength To Fight A Denied Bond Means Certain DeathKai Is Terrified At The Thought Of Allowing Any Dragon Into Her Mindor Her Heart Accepting The Heartswearing And Staying With The Dragons Means Sacrificing Everything, And Kai Must Decide If Her Freedom Is Worth Risking Rhys S Life A Life Crucial To The Fate Of Humanity Than She Could Possibly Know Book One Of The Dragonsworn Trilogy, Words I beta read this story and am obsessed I haven t written fan fiction since I was 15, but I have seriously considered doing so for this title So excited to own the official copy A human young woman stumbles into the world of dragons by accidentally rescuing aother woman who ends up be a princess to the dragon shifters Soul of Smoke had a unique and colorful world where dragon shifters remain on the periphery of humankind The story was interesting leaving the reader with a giant cliffhanger and feeling somewhat incomplete I will definitely have to read on to get of a feel for this storyline.
The overall read was good, entertaining and had a very interesting premise In the end, I give Soul of Smoke 3.
5 stars.
I received this ARC copy of Soul of Smoke from Carina Press in exchange for a honest review This book is set for publication July 27, 2015.
Written by Caitlyn McFarlandSeries Drag Kai Monahan, human, is drawn into the dragon s world through circumstances beyond her control When she s accidentally heartsworn to Rhys, the dragon king it only takes a touch , they have to figure out if they can go through with completing the bond while dodging the big bad dragon s that s trying to kill Rhys and eventually, the human race You know, that old chestnut More urban fantasy paranormal than romance The writing is good and the world building is done well There is alot to process though, so the first half of the book lagged a bit while I adjusted to all the bits of info being thrown at me That said, I read this pretty quickly because the overarching storyline of the big bad who s trying to usurp the dragon throne kept me intrigued I think this works much as an urban fantasy than the romance, but it s the first book in a trilogy, so I can only I just loved this dragon paranormal romance I m a huge fan of the magical soul mate trope, and McFarland pulls it off in such a new and fun way Can t wait to read the rest of the series.
5 sReview posted herehttp bookpassionforlife.
coSoul of Smoke is the first book in the Dragonsworn series and I have to say I m impressed I think the synopsis is spot on in its description and if that doesn t tempt you to read this then nothing will.
I thought the author came up with a great premise for the book and series, Dragons living alongside us but separately, cloaked against discovery and very little interaction with humans Until now Kai is thrust straight into the battle of two sets of dragons after rescuing a girl who she finds injured on a cliff When she gets the girl to her friends it quickly becomes an escape mission as they come under attack from dragons and turn into dragons themselves Kai defends one of the dragons and fi

I received this ARC via Netgalley in return for an honest review.
I ll try to be nice Rating 1.
5 starsseriously, what the heck was that Did I read the right book looks at all the 5 star reviews, then looks back at the book shakes head I ll just talk about the plotOne day Kai and her friend Juliet go hiking, there they find a wounded girl Juliet runs back to their site to get help while Kai stays behind to make sure the girl is safe While there, the girl hysterically asks for help because her brother is in danger Kai rushes to help and find a mystical band of people who can turn into dragons When a scarlet scaled dragon is downed and about to be killed,Kai rushes with a sword and saves him.
Who knew that saving a dragon could land her in such a pile of troubleFor all intents and purposes, this plot line sounds amazing When i saw it, i had a serio What the actual fuck This is my feeling still two days after I ve finished the book I liked the premise, the writing, and all the characters BUT Kai, the female lead Oh my God, the female lead makes me want to rip my hair out and beat her with a metal baseball bat I do love Rhys and think he s fabulous Let s start with why I m giving this novel a solid four stars, shall we For the most part I enjoyed the writing style Rhys is a delightful male lead and I like him He s clever, passionate, honest, and considerate He doesn t want to force Kai into anything and so takes the pain that comes with his decision It is hard to not love him, I swear Kai is the most bratty, inconsiderate, and selfish character I think I ve ever read It is always poor me, or the me, me, me, crap She honestly made me want to go inside the book and beat her to within an inch of her life There s greater things tha

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