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[John Marsden] ¿ South of Darkness [coming-of-age PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ Thirteen Year Old Barnaby Fletch Is A Bag And Bones Orphan In London In The Late SBarnaby Lives On His Wits And Ill Gotten Gains, On Streets Seething With The Press Of The Throng And Shadowed By Sinister Figures Life Is A Precarious BusinessWhen He Hears Of A Paradise On The Other Side Of The World A Place Called Botany Bay He Decides To Commit A Crime And Get Himself Transported To A New Life, A Better LifeTo Succeed, He Must Survive The Trials Of Newgate Prison, The Stinking Hull Of A Prison Ship And The Unknown Terrors Of A Journey Across The WorldAnd Botany Bay Is Far From The Paradise Barnaby Has Imagined When His Past And Present Suddenly Collide, He Is Soon Fleeing For His Life Once Again This wasI don t want to say a massive disappointment , but I m kinda sorta going to have to I grew up on John Marsden books, and one of the things I ve always adored about his books is the way that he creates characters that you care about almost instantly AND a plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat In contrast, this had neither In fact, it felt a lot like he d been helping a kid study colonial history for school and ended up with a whole lot of facts and figures about the Third Fleet and transportation in his head, and went Hey, there s something there and tried to write a book about it But instead of creating compelling characters and an interesting story, it ends up feeling like he went to 994.
41 at his local library, borrowed everything on the shelf, and regurgitated what he read Barnaby is an incredibly dull charact Barnaby Fletch had not known anything in his young life beyond what the vagabonds and homeless all called Hell This den of iniquity was officially known on the maps as East Smithfield and the local church was St Martin s the mid to late 1700s in London was a desolate place a place where only the rich prospered So young Barnaby, orphaned at a tender age and having to survive in the slums of Hell was always hungry, fairly well friendless and trying to survive with petty theft his only option One of Barnaby s better refuges was St Martin s he would curl up inside the high pulpit, hiding quietly but always warm He liked the Revd Mr Haddock who seemed a kind man though Barnaby never showed himself to him But Barnaby could usually find a little bit of food left b

6 11 I m a big fan of Marsden s Tomorrow series and I think this is his first full length novel since Circle of Flight, the final book of the spin off series The Ellie Chronicles, so of course I picked it up at the library without even checking out the blurb It didn t matter what it was about, it was John Marsden, what was there to think about Unfortunately, once I started reading I realised it wasn t quite as simple as that.
Supposedly this is Marsden s first foray into the world of adult fiction For me this isn t reading any adult than most of his Tomorrow or Ellie Chronicles books did The main character is writing down his story at some point in the future, looking back at his early years and his struggles whilst growing up despite being from a boy s point of view I feel like I m still hearing from Ellie The main character calls a place strang John Marsden is best known for The Tomorrow Series though he has written and published at least a dozen middle grade to young adult novels as well as a handful of non fiction worksHaving been asked by the Rvd Mr Johnson to jot down a few notes about my upbringing and the manner of my arrival in the colony, I will attempt to do so, but I should say at the outset that I have little of interest to relate I have not contributed much worth to the world, as will no doubt become obvious in the pages that follow South of Darkness is Marsden s first novel for adults and features a young man by the name of Barnaby Fletch It begins in late 18th century London where Fletch is struggling to survive on the streets of Hell Orphaned at the tender age of 5, or thereabouts, he sleeps under bridges, thieving food to survive, his onl

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