¼ Sparks Fly with the Billionaire ↠´ Download by ¼ Marion Lennox

¼ Sparks Fly with the Billionaire ↠´ Download by ¼ Marion Lennox Another fun one from Marion Lennox There s a likable couple, fun secondary characters and a menagerie of personable animals.
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comI ve never been the biggest fan of circuses I ve been twice, and both times my expectations weren t met However, after reading Sparks Fly with the Billionaire by The Brooding Banker And The Amazing Miss Mischka Banker Mathew Bond Is Used To Boardroom Antics Than Circus Ones The King Of Emotional Detachment Wouldn T Normally Foreclose On A Loan In Person, But Sparkles Circus Meant A Lot To Him OnceBig Mistake Because Feisty Allie Aka The Amazing Mischka Has Acumen Than Her Pink Spangled Bodysuit Suggests She Won T Allow A Man In A Suit To Evict Her Family, No Matter How Gorgeous He Is Yet Underneath The Cold Exterior, Allie S About To Discover This Brooding Billionaire S Heart Of Gold This book tell the story of Matthew, founder of Bond s Bank, who met with his borrower s granddaughter, Allie at the family owned circus He was there to meet her grandfather for the settlement of the loan that the Bank has granted to him The loan was granted to the circus on the request from his aunt Margot But Allie s grandfather collapse just minutes before their schedule performance and as he insisted to continue with the circus, Allie have demanded Matt to be the ringmaster in view that he is responsible for her grandfather s condition Being raised with a strict upbringing after the death of his parent and sister by his grandfather, Matthew has never know to enjoy other from the sense of achievement that he felt whenever he make money for his family business Hence, although he was cautious, he enjoyed playing Allie is a circus performer, whose grandfather owns a circus that is now bankrupt Mathew Bond is owner of the bank, who came to deliver the message These two characters seem like the last two people in the world that could build a relationship together The story is sweet and will melt your heart Loved the idea of the story, the storyline was easy to follow and made a good book Enjoy this is a lovely story though I wouldn t have picked it up at all if it hadn t been in a 2 1 volume, massively reduced in The Works a British remainder shop The blurb made it sound exactly the sort of story I wouldn t have enjoyed And yet I did I recommend people give it a try in spite of the rather lacklustre blurb.
5 stars

Category Contemporary Romance 4 StarsThe title does fit this book pretty good It has warmth about it,humor,lots of animals in it Some romance too.
Who does not want to run away to the circus It is a fun fast read.
Allie is a circus performer who s Grandparents raised her and own the circus Allie love s animals She also helps them to manage the books.
Mathew Bond is owner of the bank As a favor to his Aunt Margot he has come to let the circus know that they are bankrupt and have to be sold As Mathew tells the owner minutes before the show Allie s grandfather collasps but he still wants to go on Allie talks Mathew into steping into the roll of ringmaster for the show Mathew feels guilty so he agrees.
The circus should never gotten this loan but his Aunt asked her father for this one thing Mathew s family all died when he was young His grandfather raised him to take over the bank His only childhoo he really got was two She She is Allie A circus trapeze artist Granddaughter of the ringmaster of the circus The circus Sparkle is not only her livelihood but also her life From her childhood, she has been in love with each member of the circus, whether the animals or the other artists.
Her grandparents were becoming old and she was looking forward to take over the circus and look after her old grandparents That was till Mathew did not walk into her life and rock her world.
He is Mathew Bond, a banker by profession and attitude A tragic accident had taken away his parents and he had been brought up by his grandfather His grandfather,having lost his son, had become a hard man and had taught him all about banking but little about love Mathew who was lovingly called Matt by his sister, became the hard banker Mathew, who knew only about business and nothing else.
He did not want anyone t

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