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[A.S. Oren] ä Spearwood Academy [young-adult-fantasy PDF] Read Online Æ Amazing Can t wait for episode 7 The twist was great.
After reading Volume 1 Of the Spearwood Academy Series, I just had to buy Spearwood Academy Episode Six in the series instantly after finishing it to find out what happens because the last book left it on such a cliff hanger, I needed to know what happens next I was not disappointed in the plot or the storyline it is highly addictive, colourful, magical, full of dragons, an amazing group of friends whom within the group they are exceptionally loyal to each other, the boys are especially protective of Avalon but that is not surprising given the trials they have been through and with the threat that hangs over her, they are her protection in a world where she still does not fully understand everything especially when people are avoiding giving her the Avalon Is The First Female Of Her Kind In Centuries She Is A Dragon Shapeshifter, Who Is Painfully Cursed To Turn Into Her Dragon Form Every Night Spearwood Academy Has The Answers To Her Questions, But There Is Just One Problem, Up Until She Came Along It Was An All Boy School How Ever Will This Harry Potter Geek, Whovian And Nerdfighter Wade Through The Waters Of Testosterone, Greed And Even Love In Episode Six, Avalon Gets Something That May Help Her, Or Hurt Her All Of The Boys Are Going A Bit Crazy What In The World Is Happening Find Out Now So I had no idea what to expect coming into this book It was so good and can t wait for the adventure to continue I only wish it was longer I honestly read Volume 5 and this one back to back in one sitting, so I don t exactly remember where the last left off and this one began But the plot definitely thickens as WAYmysteries are explained than ever before, and the pieces are really starting to come together My overall understanding of the dynamics of this world are much clearer now, even as things becomeconfusing for Avalon I love that this series keeps introducing new elements without feeling like anything is superfluous or off course in any way clearly the author knows this world and these peoples and has planned things out from the beginning.
Looking forward to the next one Spearwood Academy Episode Six by A.
S Oren was given to me free in eBook format in exchange for an honest review.
This is NOT a stand alone story In order to understand what is happening, readers must start with episode one.
In this episode Avalon has just completed her first Survival Challenge On her return to Spearwood Academy she is attacked by another person who is also in full dragon form As both dragons collide, the new dragon tries to put a necklace over Avalon s neck Once back in human form it is made clear that Avalon knows this other dragon Who is he to her How does she know him The Royal who wants Avalon to marry him insists that she take the necklace The necklace gives her the ability to change into her human or dragon form without the u 4.
5 stars for this awesome book First of all this chapter is crazy with all the twists going on The new character, that was introduced at the end of volume five, is still a mystery though and it makes the storyexciting This volume is not as good as the other volumes before this but the fact that I can t put it down even just for a second makes it just as amazing as the other ones And still makes me squeal like a retard I m super excited on how this story is going to end up but for now I m excited about the new character and what he is up to

It was pretty anti climatic finding out what happened after the end of the last episode Again, with better development of characters there is a greater emotional response from the readers Especially if you re doing cliffhangers over and over in a serial, there needs to be a better emotional payoff from it decreases the rage.
Okay so I started reading this series several hours ago and I literally just made a goodreads account to review this HOW IN THE WORLD IS THIS GETTING THOUSANDS OF REVIEWS I love the characters, especially Avalon she so likeable and down to earth and the storyline is so amazing I m kind of dying here cause I m all caught up and I m going to have to wait each month for a single episode to come out D But seriously, that cliffhanger will be the death of me.
and that plot twist totally did not see that coming even though it was hinted at earlier in the story when they first met Keep up the good work A.
S Oren this is truly a beautiful story that deserves so muchattention than it s getting now.
The Survival Test is over, Avalon and her group made it back to Spearwood in one piece The Royal, is back with a gift for Avalon Is it really a gift Or something to hold over her head And what is a Gypsy Crystal Being the only girl, in a school of boys must have it s perks, sadly Avalon is finding out they are not all good But with the bad comes the good and she is able to overcome and press forward But will the Royals ruin it all Each episode pulls me further and further into this amazing word that A.
S Oren has created I learnthings, I understand , I like the characters , somethan others Triton Ok, that was shamelss, but serious TRITON If you have not checked out this series, you need too.

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