å Stain (Kings Harlots MC, #2) å Download by ☆ J.M. Walker

å Stain (Kings Harlots MC, #2) å Download by ☆ J.M. Walker Meeks and Aster story was one that will grip your heart From best friends to lovers the experience these two individuals went through and still came out in love was plain Fantastic Writing The Harlots and Vice One find themselves again in the middle of the sex trafficking ring But this time they went willingly as long as they stayed by each other s side they thought nothing could happen to them They were both STRONG individuals But when Charles and Tyler get into the mix you know all hell breaks loose.
Can Vice One save them Or will they be in there own to survive So so good Stain is book 2 in the King s Harlot series and it was a great 5 star read.
This was a great read that involves Asher and Meeka working undercover Meeka and Asher have always been there for each other throughout the years I had a level of frustration with Asher but grew to love him The connection between these two is magnetic and when they finally realize and admit their feelings for each other it was great You are immediately drawn in with this story You won t want to put it down There is Suspense, danger, hot sex and romance There are definitely some unexpected surprises you won t see coming This is a great friends to lover read Stain can be read as a stand alone but I highly suggest you read Grit first I am looking forward to the next book in the series Thank you J.
M Walker for a great read.
ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review Reviewed by MAustin from Alpha Book An Unexpected Evil Brings Both The MC And Military World Together In This Brand New Series By JM Walker He Wants To Be AloneNightmares From His Past Keep Him Guarded And AfraidVice One Is His Life They Re His Brothers The Only People Who Helped Keep Him Out Of His Own Head Long Enough To Move On From The Childhood He Never Asked ForHis Therapy Has Been Protecting His Country, Barely Taking A Break Before Beginning His Next Mission But No Amount Of Training Can Prepare Him For His Great Challenge Yet Convincing Meeka Cline That She Will Be HisShe Wants OutHer World Fell Apart When King S Harlots No Longer Trusted Her, But She Continues To Fight To Gain Back Their RespectAll She Wants Is To Help Those Wronged By The Evil That Has Put A Shadow On Everyone She KnowsAsher Donovan Comes To Her For Help When He Needs Her Most Only To Have Passion Flare Up Between Them One Problem He S Her Best FriendPutting Aside Their Friendship, They Use The Heat Between Them To Please The Depraved Minds They Now Understand Check out this review and others atwww.
com Twinsietalkwww.
com Twinsietalkwww.
co TwinsietalkNewsletter Stain by JM Walker I received this book from the author for an honest review.
WHAT Asher and.
Meeka OMG this book was so good like way better then book Jay and Angel and that was a great book too OMG SO Asher and Meeka totally had me wiggling my eye brows at the two of them They had this chemistry but hid behind the best friend lines When Asher needs his best friend to go undercover he gets Meeka involved She doesn t want to but the argument leads to a scorching kiss and has both of them shaking their heads Meeka is like What the heck Why am I reacting to my BEST FRIEND this way However, Asher In order to prepare for Stain, I did a quick re read of Grit I forgot how much enjoyed it However Stain takes the cake I loved Asher and Meeka They are the couple that needs each other than anything I love JM s books, but this one combined all that I love Military, MC, Suspense, and Romance It sucks you in from the moment you begin to read and you want to keep reading to find out what s going to happen next I thought I knew what was coming and then bam you get thrown for a loop I m still trying to figure out exactly how the pieces are going to fit together for the next book The characters are well developed you must read Grit first and pull at your heart strings Asher is broken, but you love him even for it This is one of my favorite reads from JM It will be the book I recomm I received a copy for a honest reviewSoooo, Asher grabbed me from Grit and I couldn t wait to know and I was not disappointed Seeing and knowing about Meeka and Asher s friendship was both great, because we get the learn about these characters, and heartbreaking The darkness in Archer that only she can calm, it was so palpable Walker did a great job of making you feel it She also did a great job making you feel the heat between these two.
While they are still trying to bring a end to the trafficking group, the two of them go undercover together There s much going on that Walker isn t letting us in on, because people know things they shouldn t I swear I almost threw my Kindle She s evil keeping us suspended on the edge of our seats about who s behind the scenes and I can t wait to find out.
The Harlots a Loved this book, I became very attached to the characters Asher and Meeka We don t really know Meekas story, but Asher is brooding, withdrawn angry man, who loves hard The story gets into some very disturbing story lines, but in a way that s compelling to read, the world we live in is not always a pretty place The MC and military together are creating a hard loving group that will stand their ground for what they believe in This book has it all, danger, hate, love and sex, and above all ownership to ones self Can t wait for the next book This book can be read as a standalone but to fully enjoy the understanding of characters you should read book one, Grit.

I fell in love with the King s Harlots series reading Grit, I anxiously and impatiently waited for Stain and was absolutely blown away by it The story line grabbed my attention it s emotional, deep and satisfying enough to keep me up reading the whole night The characters are hot, complex and lovable they grabbed my heart and took it for a heck of a ride I can t wait for another book in this series.
This is not your typical MC series it s so much Stain is the 2nd in the King Harlots MC series and what a read it was This could be read as a standalone but to get the full effect of the characters and story line I feel like it would be necessary plus you d be missing out on a clever, and ingenious series This is Meeka Harlot and Asher Vice One story and trust me it was a wild and crazy ride I loved these two together I thought that they brought a lot to the story Their chemistry was on fire I was glad of the whole best friends scenario Who doesn t love when two characters that are friends realize that they want each other They have some obstacles in their way Asher feels like she deserves better Meeka was the piece of me that was stolen as a child She was the warmth and goodness I craved If she only knew how I felt But I wasn t a good man She deserved be I met Asher and Meeka in With Love At Christmas An Anthology and my heart bled for Asher and his backstory I wanted to know about this couple and where their story would take them I read Rude book 4 first and then went back and read Grit book 1 Reading out of order in no way ruined this series for me Asher and Meeka are best friends have been for a long time Now, Asher needs Meeks s help to bring down the organization that has threatened both the King s Harlots and Vice One This is a great friends to lovers book, with lots of twists and jaw dropping moments Asher is a broken man, one that you want to see succeed and be happy because he damn well deserves it You root for this couple because you need them to be together I love the interaction with the other King s Harlot and Vice One members drawing you in to the stories of Coby, Brogan, Dale and Max and making you want of them all I

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