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[Alberto Giolitti] ☆ Star Trek - The Key Collection [feminist-theory PDF] Ebook Epub Download Á FromThrough , Gold Key Published The First Star Trek Comics, TotallingIssues In All They Were First Collected In Four Seperate Enterprise Logs By Golden Press Now Checker Reprints These Classic Tales This Volume Is The First Of Six Editions And Collects Issues This Collection The Planet Of No ReturnThe Devil S Isle Of SpaceInvasion Of The City BuildersThe Peril Of Planet Quick ChangeThe Ghost PlanetWhen Planets CollideThe Voodoo PlanetThe Youth Trap Oh, so bad Poor artwork, bad stories No respect for the series I kept thinking the stories would get better They didn t Glad I got this from the library, although IMO they could do well to free up shelf space with this one.
The new publisher makes no bones about the embarrassing faux pas of the original Gold Key publications Its clear the writers had never seen an episode of Star Trek when they wrote this The language is wrong, the science is wrong, the colours are wrong and the actions don t fit the characters It only really deals with Kirk and Spock Scotty appears as a blond but Uhura doesn t appear at all.
However, it is a reprint of comics from a different age An age before VCR so I guess if you didn t see it live there was no chance to catch up.

OK, sure, the Enterprise s nacelles shoot rocket flames, sure Scottie is a blond, sure it seems the writers had never seen an episode of the show, sure the science is very wrong, sure the only characters they sort of get right are Kirk, Spock, and Bones, but take away all those errors and this is still a fun series corny at tines, sure, but the art is fairly decent for the time, and for those of us old enough to remember it, this is a great nostalgic romp.
A cheap and unoriginal knock off of the Star Trek original series By necessity, the original Star Trek series used a great deal of the scientific equivalent of poetic license in the creation of the shows When a scientific fact proved to be a difficulty, the writers and producers simply passed it over by either ignoring it or inventing a fictitious counterforce Yet, there remained a reasonable adherence to the physical laws of the universe, one of the many reasons that the show was so popular Unfortunately, adherence to the laws of nature was not followed in the comics in this collection, in fact many of the principles of the show are also neglected Star Trek comics debuted in 1967, in the second year of the run of the original series and this book contains the first eight issues The quality of the artwork is such that you often do not know which

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