à Read ò State of Terror: How Terrorism Created Modern Israel by Thomas Suárez ò ar1web.co

à Read ò State of Terror: How Terrorism Created Modern Israel by Thomas Suárez ò .
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2013 200 the case for israel 16 181 181 48 4836 41 181 272 This is a calm and entirely factual account of the systematic use of unprovoked political violence in all its disgraceful horror, in order to ethnically cleanse non Jews from the land of Palestine and impose a settler state based on blood It shreds and utterly destroys all pretence of a conflict, with the implication of two sides to a dispute The Zionist project has from before 1914 been foreign funded and aggressive, a colonial undertaking in a land that was already well and productively occupied by people from various backgrounds Yet for all the foreign wealth deployed in the settler state, the major contribution to the present wealth of the apartheid state of Israel has been the land, natural resources and assets forcibly stolen from the non Jewish population After describing the cold blooded massacre of the residents of Deir Yassin, a Palestinian village with a population of s 500 19481948 1956 1967 1973 .

It is too hard to write a quick review of this book because it is a very big one I can summarize what I get out of this book in just one sentence this book debunks Israel s myths I will make a live video reviewing this interesting book soon 8 10 probably a good reference book, but nigh unreadable as a narrative.
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This New Book Shows How The Use Of Terror By Supporters Of The Idea Of A Jewish State In Palestine Was Systematic, Routine, And Accepted By Jewish Leaders As Necessary To Achieve Their Aims At The Height Of The British Mandate In Palestine, Terrorist Acts Were Carried Out At A Frequency And With An Intensity That Has Been Largely Forgotten, Even Though Daily Newspaper Headlines In The US, Britain, And Palestine Spoke Of Bombings, Assassinations, And Massacres Against Arabs And British Civilians, As Well As Soldiers Suarez Tells This Story Using The Terrorists Own Accounts In Secret Internal Papers Boasting Of Their Successes, And Quoting From Contemporary Intelligence Briefings And Secret Diplomatic Correspondence

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