Trailer Ê Stumptown, Vol. 1 PDF by Ê Greg Rucka

Trailer Ê Stumptown, Vol. 1 PDF by Ê Greg Rucka This is a solid PI Noir light book I ve enjoyed Rucka s stuff mostly over the years, and while it isn t Ed Brubaker, it s still very good Elevated tremendously by Matthew Southworth s artwork and muted palette of colours It s a similar book to Brubaker and Phillips stuff, and I mean that as a compliment, not as an accusation of being derivative I really enjoy Dex, a woman who embodies if it wasn t for bad luck, I wouldn t have no luck at all.
Matt Fraction writes the foreword intro and compares Dex to the late James Garner and Jim Rockfordi haven t seen Rockford Files, but I grew up on Magnum PI, which I know was somewhat influenced by Rockford Tom Selleck even got started on Rockford the differences being, the setting is Portland, Oregon, not Hawaii or California That and the girl part dnfthis isn t one where it was bad it just didn t hold my interest even after renewing it at the library i might have to agree with the other reviewers that this is a less fun exciting Jessica Jones.
Rucka knows how to write crime fiction and strong women, so a story featuring a tough P.
I named Dex is a no brainer Dex is a down on her luck P.
I with a gambling problem and a special needs brother at home She gets involved with a missing persons case and is almost murdered before she can even look into it The story is engaging, Dex is witty and tough as nails The only criticism I have is with the art It reminds me some of Michael Gaydos It s sparse and gritty which fits the tone of the book but his character designs aren t unique enough to be able to differentiate between characters with similar characteristics Isabella and Charlotte are hard to tell apart as are the two bald men in the book The muted, dark colors don t help either The black and white mini comic in the back honestly looked better.
There s a cool m I read this because I liked Gotham Central by Rucka I liked Renee Montoya, the strong central woman in it, and I like this dialogue The ending was surprising Tough writing I like this too with again a strong woman character, a P.
I named Dex edrine who is not making much money in her trade, is a gambler with thousands of dollars of debt and supports a brother with Down Syndrome No love life, so far, so that is different in comics, especially women focused ones written by men but this is good and the art is sort of new noirishly good, which is to say rough and atmospheric, set in Portland, Oregon which the intro by Matt Fraction says is depicted well in the comic, can t say myself having only been to bookstores and coffeeshops there This was really enjoyable Another series similar to things like Jessica Jones, where we follow the life of Dex She s just a regular girl trying to live a P.
I life However, this new case she s on has gotten pretty bad A missing girl, the drug lord is now involved, and poor Dex seems to be in the middle of it A mystery with a lot of humor and surprisingly a lot of art Overall, enjoyed it a lot It s not mindblowing or any crazy twist, but the pacing words well, the art is good, the dialogue is good, everything is good and flows well I enjoyed it and will pick up future volumes Now I know why they made a TV show out of it A 3.
5 out of 5.

Juicy Dense, tense writing Tight dialogue Who is this stingy with words and can still keep us completely engaged I admire the hell out of Rucka I imagine he has to shift some pretty heavy gears, moving from prose novels to comics Or maybe his comic scripts are just as heavily wordy, but just leaves all that environmental illustration for the artist to absorb and interpret, and leaves only the best 5% of words out in the open for the readers to spy on This is a great book Want There s Shit man, I m gonna grab that.
The Case of the Girl Who Took her Shampoo But Left her Mini Greg Rucka s noir graphic novel series starts with a bang as his female PI, Dex Parios, is dragged in to a missing person case that, as you d expect, is than it seems on the surface.
Dex is a compelling and complex character, with a back story that is skilfully hinted at but never really discussed and a penchant for putting her face in harm s way, she s a woman seemingly hell bent on punishing herself for an unnamed sin in her past She s smart, but not too keen on a wisecrack and than capable of putting her foot in her mouth and pissing people off inadvertently She s definitely one of my favourites from the new generation of fictional private detectives The 8 page micro comic that is reproduced in this special edition expands on both her kind You can t help but root for the underdog, right Dex Parios is a bisexual gal private investigator who s perpetually low on cash Her relationship with local police is slightly strained Her younger brother and roommate Ansel, who has Down s Syndrome, is way popular than she is probably because unlike his big sister, he doesn t have an attitude and a chip on his shoulder In this first volume, Dex runs up a debt she can t pay at a casino and the owner gives her a job find a missing granddaughter Sounds straightforward, except too many people don t want said granddaughter to be found And they re willing to mess Dex up to keep her out of it.
IMHO, Rucka writes female characters very well And the first volume of Stumptown is full of double crossing, threats, secrets, lies, and everything else th Bullet Review Greg Rucka is DA MAN WOWEE He knows how to write the best female characters, without resorting them to simpering wimps that need to hold onto a boy s hands to walk them across a street.
Bonus points for this set in Portland, though it was also a bad thing because I kept trying to tell where everything was LOL.
Dex Is The Proprietor Of Stumptown Investigations, And A Fairly Talented PI Unfortunately, She S Less Adept At Throwing Dice Than Solving Cases Her Recent Streak Has Left Her Beyond Broke She S Into The Confederated Tribes Of The Wind Coast For Large But Maybe Dex S Luck Is About To Change Sue Lynne, Head Of The Wind Coast S Casino Operation, Will Clear Dex Debt If She Can Locate Sue Lynne S Missing Granddaughter But Is This Job Dex S Way Out Of The Hole Or A Shove Down One Much Much Deeper

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