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Ì Tactics of Mistake è Download by ↠´ Gordon R. Dickson It S Obvious That Cletus Graeme Limping, Mild Mannered Scholarly Doesn T Belong On A Battling Field, But Instead At A Desk Working On His Fourth Book On Battle Strategy And Tactics But Bakhalla Has Battlefields Than Libraries, And Graeme Sees His Small Force Of Dorsai Soldiers Of Fortune As The Perfect Opportunity To Test His Theories But If His Theories Or His Belief In The Dorsai Lead Him Astray, He S A Dead Man I enjoyed the timelessness of this book Dickson didn t dwell too much on what the differences were in technology and race, but rather on the existence of differences different groups had different attitudes, different technology had different benefits, etc I found the book a little optimistic though everything works out just the way Cletus plans and I ve just never seen that happen in the real world Life happens Armies and leaders are often plagued with unforeseen circumstances, mistakes and coincidence Leadership seems to beabout adapting to circumstances than trying to figure out exactly what s going to happen.
An old favorite is new again with the audio edition.
An excellent book My first read of 2018 read for VintageSciFiMonth in January First rate Military SciFi that dealswith the inner heart and mind of humanity than the battles, but describes the actions well Highly enjoyable and possibly the best book of The Childe Cycle so far Dry, interesting concept, early example of military sci fi world building Could have done with a sense of humor An early influence on Enders Game Fantastic artwork A minor classic.
Classic old time sci fi with dated charming language and reasonable characters I love that it completely takes fast interstellar travel as a given and doesn t dwell on it in the least Interplanetary conquest with overtones of Space Operas It s a quick read.
Definitelymilitary strategy than anything else, but it s done well The fact that it flies in the face of US strategy in Vietnam was interesting written in 1970 It is one of the few books where our hero s strategy always works which is a little annoying Reminds me of Dune a bit.
5 stars The Tactics of Mistake by Gordon R DicksonRead on ibooks, KyBook 1, 3 , SmashWords, Kobo, Good Reads, and others as I find them Started 28 Avril 2019.
Finished 1 June 2019.
Title Using old knowledge to offset modern ills When this book first came out, I was recovering from a bad auto accident and had a chance to read it as a new book in the early 1970s I swore at the time that I d get a copy eventually for myself The last thing I expected was to forget about it until nearly 50 years later I can t wait to see what I remembered correctly or how far off I was Okay, the first several chapters are what I remembered It dealt with an aspect of fencing which I was learning at the time best described as Tactic of Mistake mostly because I can t remember the actual term The l My 2019 reread of this book that I first read 30 years ago as a teenager.
A dozen or so years after the publication of the Genetic General, this, while it s the 4th book in the Childe cycle is considered the middle of the key books in the series.
Dickson has clearly worked to create a universe that interesting things happen on a grand scale because significant influential people are able to exert great control over happenings at a cosmic scale.
Cletus Graeme is one of these As a young tactician, shipping out from Earth to the colony world of Mara he is advise the Alliance team supporting the mystical exotics in their local war against the Neulanders The Neulanders are supported by the Coalition The Coalition and Alliance earth teams are engaged in various proxy wars around the colony worlds that are yet to really establish themselves.
Cletus comes across quickly as a brilli Better than the earlier books Not as good as I remembered A long time ago this was my introduction to this series and Gordon Dickson in general And at the time it was a favorite And with this re read I still like it, and like it better than the earlier books It does a good job of moving the story along even if the parallel with Dorsai is way too strong And I don t think I read Dorsai until much later In this book Dickson tries to explain how the worlds went from Necromancer to Dorsai Soldier Ask Not And it is basically is just enough And we are given a clue as to where the Dorsai themselves come from And I guess I wasaccepting when I was younger, but I don t think I have the same level of belief And another ornamental female character For simple relatively short action books, there is a lot of philosophy and complexity At this point in the series there is just not enough to hold it toge The late Gordon R Dickson was one of therespected of the old guard, golden age sci fi writers that included Heinlein, Pohl, Asimov and others He was well educated and his writing displays his intellect in a very thought provoking manner.
I began reading the Dorsai series back in the 1970 s and found his idea of a mercenary force that wasinterested in preserving themselves than in fighting battles and getting themselves killed, which is costly both financially and personnel wise to be interesting If what I ve written on the front cover is true, I first read this book in 1976, then again in 1985.
The main character, Cletus Grahame, plays his game of being a mercenary leader like a master chess player against his opponent, Dow Decastris The book moves at a brisk pace, outlining his strategy and it s effectiveness in a very convi

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