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[Kingsley Amis] Í Take a Girl Like You [words PDF] Read Online Ý She s a reet champion lass with her head screwed on and her legs together, is our Jenny Still, never say die, eh Jenny Bunn, an insanely beautiful young woman with a dark secret journeys south where she comes up against darker forces.
What is her dark secret Lesbian werewolves Time travelling transgender zombies Wizards with sneakers No She s a Virgin Who are the darker forces Faerie, clockwork vampires Ancient cyborg messiahs No Men A rare treat, a work both superlative and funny, surprising considering it was written by arch asshole and bad husband Amis Surprising, too, is the novel s hero, the inimitable Jenny Bunn whose virtues are practical and whose unwavering mostly dedication to the simple idea that she ll have sex with who she wants, when she wants, but not to determined by anyone else and boy they try is a welcome respite fro Amis is very good at creating sympathetic characters that are still right bastards.
Popular E Book, Take a Girl Like You Author Kingsley Amis This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Take a Girl Like You, Essay By Kingsley Amis Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You I love Kingsley Amis, but this book is vile His sexism simmering under the surface in much of his writing is on full display here, culminating in what today we would call a date rape Skip this and read The Old Devilsor just read Lucky Jim again.
The I read Kingsley Amis, the I like him Take a Girl Like You is a tad different from the old letch s other works that I ve read Its heroine is a genuinely good girl surrounded by leering men who want to sample her virginity The daughter of a North England hearse driver, Miss Bunn is prim and proper until she attends a party at the end given by one Julian Ormerod, where she is deflowered while under the influence by her boyfriend Patrick Standish.
Now Patrick is in no way as moral as Miss Bunn, and he samples various fleshpot denizens during the course of the novel I can imagine Amis thinking, Well, he s not so bad kind of like me in a way Still, Jenny is a nice girl, and I find it is possible to write a novel in our day with a genuinely good main character.
It s not always pretty when Amis is on about women The Russian Girl and Stanley and the Women are both sort of ridiculous , but the unelaborated kneejerk conclusion that his handling of the date rape here must therefore be problematic is just asinine That it was or less inevitable in this story doesn t mean Amis is excusing it And in the broader context of the conflict between Jenny s provincial morality and Patrick s cosmopolitan outlook, it s clear that while most of Amis s heroes and, I imagine, the man himself find the latter to be useful, they ultimately can t shake the former And it s clear where Amis s sympathies lie Of COURSE the ending was meant to be depressing Anyway, not quite as funny as Lucky Jim, and a good deal complicated, but still very entertaining.
My least favorite Amis so far The book is filled with too topical cultural satire, difficult to appreciate without having experienced 1960s Britain Although I recognize that the ending is intended to be depressing and bitingly critical of prevailing society, it still struck me as, SPOILER ALERT, rape apologetics This one is too cynical, even for me.
I will mention, however, that Amis has an ability to capture drunkenness and associated effects that is unsurpassed.

Some lines made me laugh out loud but the ending completely ruined the book Patrick is the most loathsome character.
I hardly know what to say about this book I do not know whether Kingsley Amis is approving of his characters life choices or trying to come to grips with the abruptly changing moral landscape of England in 1960 Does he really believe the moral paradigm that traditional relationships grounded in Christian principles to be outdated and incapable Or is he simply calling it as he sees it He certainly does not glamorize what he sees as traditional morals replacement His characters lead quite dreary lives But to sum Jenny Bunn is a twenty year old girl from the North of England who has traveled south to a town near London to work as a teacher She lives with Dick and Martha Torkington who rent a room to her and a French girl named Anna.
Jenny is very pretty and she is conscious of that without being particularly concerned, and even if she was unconscious she was constantly reminded of her lo My first time to read a book written by Kingsley Amis 1922 1995 who was an English comic novelist He is the father of Martin Amis born 1949 whose books I have not tried too I thought I should start with the father and so after finishing this book I can now line up the son s 1001 books such as Money , London Fields , Time s Arrow and The Information Well, I should also try to read in between other 1001 books by the father such as Lucky Jim , The Green Man , Jake s Thing and The Old Devils This will be another exciting time reading the works of this father son tandem just like the excitement I felt reading the husband wife works of Jonathan Safran Foer Nicole Krauss and that of the Paul Auster and Siri Hustvedt his present wife or Lydia Davis his ex.
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