ß Taken by the Pterodactyl (Dinosaur Erotica) ¾ Download by ☆ Christie Sims

ß Taken by the Pterodactyl (Dinosaur Erotica) ¾ Download by ☆ Christie Sims Another fantastic find from the MacHalo Freaks Not the most amazing monster porn we have found But definitely not the most embarrassing I give this one extras points for the aeronautical acrobatics However, I was disappointed in the pterodactyl Scientist splice pterodactyl dna with human dna, and the only physical change to the creature is genitalia So much wasted opportunity, and not enough humor to compensate.
Our favorite line was She d heard these lines plenty of times on pornos but to be shouting them from the treetop while she got pounded by a pterodactyl was even hotter than the hottest of pornos she d ever seen You don t get them like that too often, or not often enough Serious kudos for writing such out there stuff, for creating an interesting backstory for the lead, and for playing the premise for all the setting, action, and humorous potential A fun, weird, and pleasantly kinky read, and an inspiration to all the monster smutters out there In reading the news regarding the re casting of Christian Grey in the 50 Shades of Gray movie, I came across an article on MTV.
com I believe about other erotic books to read while awaiting the movie to come out that listed this series I thought to myself Really, How is that possible OMG my curiousity has been peaked I need to figure this out So I picked up this booklike short story and OMFG WHAT DID I read Plot is terrible but really what did you expect , sex scene was ridiculous and graphic VERY VERY GRAPHIC , so many grammatical formatting typographical errors Over all this was horrible, HORRIBLY AWESOME I lol d and blushed and couldn t stop myself from say WTF did I just read, so I bought the next one, and the next one, and the next one, 7 dinosaur erotica books in total They are terrible, hysterical, graphic, and amazing all in one I branched out to the author s Dragon a More, Ms Sims, MORE spoiler alert When Michelle and Allen are having their pillowfight and don t notice the shadow on the ground growing ever larger around them, I for one had trouble suspending my disbelief And then when Ted came galloping up on a saber toothed tiger well, come on Saber toothed tigers weren t even alive at the same time as people and dinosaurs, were they I also hate to come off sounding like a prude, but I think this book promotes unsafe sex I know what you re thinking where are you going to find a dinosaur condom right But I d answer with two little words female condom Or foam Okay, four little words It s distasteful, I know, but I d rather teach impressionable young minds to behave sensibly and responsibly than to possibly alter the space time continuum and decency Okay, I ll climb down off my soa Cumple lo que promete Dinopaja asegurada.
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Dianne Is A Shepherd, Watching Over Flock Of Sheep She Is Sworn To Protect Them Against Any Predators No Matter The Size But When A Flock Of Pterodactyls Attack, Dianne Has No Choice But To Use Herself As Bait To Draw Their Attention Away From Her Precious Flock One Pterodactyl Swoops In And Picks Her Up, Taking Her To His Nest She Fully Expects To Be Eaten By The Massive Beast, But When It Starts To Peck Her Clothes Away, Leaving Her Naked, She Begins To Understand That The Pterodactyl Might Have Carnal Pleasures In Mind Dianne Finds Herself Excited By The Prospect And Acquiesces But Can Dianne Accommodate Such A Massive Creature Better than a lot of books I ve read Great read aloud Some historical inaccuracies, but overall a tasteful depiction of interspecies romance in prehistoric times Hoping for a follow up.
A friend posted this on Facebook so I read it as a laugh.
I thought it would be hilarious.
No, it was just crap.

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