Trailer ☆ Tales Told in Tents: Stories from Central Asia PDF by ☆ Sally Pomme Clayton

Trailer ☆ Tales Told in Tents: Stories from Central Asia PDF by ☆ Sally Pomme Clayton In this international collection of stories from Central Asia, the reader can learn about the history of story telling The book would be appropriate for older elementary students One of my favorite stories in the collection is the Riddle Bazaar An interesting activity to correspond with the book would be for students to create their own cultural tale or riddle that is representative of their own culture or family history.
Why Are Some Carpets Magic What Is A Wish Tree And Where Can The Fountain Of Eternal Life Be Found The Answers To These And Many Other Intriguing Questions Can Be Found In Sally Pomme Clayton S Enchanted Storytelling Journey Through Central Asia On Her Travels In The Region, Sally Has Accumulated A Wealth Of Folklore And Knowledge Of Nomadic Cultures These Exotic Retellings Of Stories Related To The Author In Storytelling Tents, Combined With Sophie Herxheimer S Brilliantly Patterned Artwork, Reveal The Richness Of The Little Known, Faraway Lands Of Central AsiaFollow The Trials And Triumphs Of A British Mother Of Three Living In Kazakhstan Of Big Beluga Baby By Clicking Here This book landed in my house by accident which isn t relevant here, but I decided to read it before I passed it on What a pleasant surprise The 12 tales were new to me and significantly different from the Grimm tales although it would be interesting to compare and contrast these tales with those from Europe.
Features I appreciated the art it fits the tales a glossary a map a personal note from the author about each tale very nice book a beautiful trip to faraway lands, magical storytelling.
A really lovely picture book full of folktales from Central Asia I loved that the author not only retold the stories but also talked about her experiences collecting them I wish children s books were written like this The stories were good, but the pictures sometimes didn t match the text.

I really enjoyed reading this book as it included an interesting range of twelve stories, poems and riddles They originate from Central Asian countries such as Afghanistan, Iran and Uzbekistan.
Clayton was told of these traditional tales on her travels around Central Asia and has used this book to retell them in her own words There is no particular theme to the book as the collection of writings cover a range of topics, such as love and humour whereby some contain meanings and others do not.
A really good read whereby you could even create your own story telling tent to inspire and motivate children to make up their own stories and tell them to the rest of the class I would recommend these stories to Y2 onwards.
I love everything about this book The author s introduction is moving and inspiring The illustrations are so dream like and colorful and bold There is an awesome mix of short stories and poems The end of each tale has a short note by the author giving information about the story In the back, there is a beautiful map and a glossary of the various foreign words that came up throughout the book Overall, some amazing stories from a region of the world too many of us know too little about.

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