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Trailer ↠´ Tales of the City PDF by ↠´ Armistead Maupin i really don t get what all the fuss is about this is some kind of modern classic the writing is so pedestrian, it s like i fell into a deep sleep and somehow continued reading B O R I N G P R O S E still, an extra star because of the surprisingly intricate narrative and that said, i think the miniseries was fardistinctive and interesting.
I think I am either too old or too young to fully appreciate this book If I were older, I might appreciate the groundbreaking nature of its matter of fact approach to a variety of characters of different sexuality and gender at a time when social s were drastically changing And if I were younger, I might be totally enchanted by all the entertaining drama, good and bad and self absorbed, that comes with being young, single and in your twenties in a big city But I wasn t able to really connect with the characters, who seemed fairly one dimensional to me, for all that they were supposed to be exactly the opposite And when I finally finished, I just felt tired and depressed and irritated, in the way that I would be if I spent an entire week watching soap operas and eating junk food I was impressed with the author s ability to effortlessly weave together a large cas San Francisco,A Na Ve Young Secretary, Fresh Out Of Cleveland, Tumbles Headlong Into A Brave New World Of Laundromat Lotharios, Pot Growing Landladies, Cut Throat Debutantes, And Jockey Shorts Dance Contests The Saga That Ensues Is Manic, Romantic, Tawdry, Touching, And Outrageous Unmistakably The Handiwork Of Armistead Maupin Obviously a re read Having recently read the latest in the series, Mary Ann in Autumn, I wanted to re read the entire series Unfortunately, I am so familiar with the first three books, which were also made into TV adaptations, that I know the stories and most of the dialogue off by heart, so I can t get the same, mind blowing enjoyment that I did on my first reading Although that is one of the pleasures of reading, for instance, Michael Tolliver Lives, where past events are mentioned and you have the memory of the whole event, as if these were real people, real friends and real events However, the story grips you so strongly that you just rattle through the book and the dialogue is still sparkling and reminds you why you fell in love with these characters in the first place I STILL want to grow up to be like Anna Madrigal I am looking forward to rea I know I am going to be in the minority here, but this is the most overrated novel I have read in a very long time In fact, I did not even keep it after reading, but rather donated it to charity.
I had heard many good things about this text for years, and finally picked it up Based on reviews, and what I had heard I was expecting a book in the vein of Dickens, with characters that leapt off the pages and spoke to the human condition Only one character, in my view, lived up to that expectation The landlady of Barbary Lane, Mrs Madrigal The other characters felt one dimensional, and as a reader I was completely uninterested in their lives This is a dangerous thing for a character driven novel to do Tales of the City felt like a soap opera to me, not at all the interesting character stud I guess I was destined to discover Armistead Maupin in 2017 Although, to be fair, he s hardly a secret he s been writing for four decades and has generations of loyal readers.
Back in the spring, I gave a favourable review to the documentary The Untold Tales Of Armistead Maupin A few months after that, the galleys to Maupin s memoir, Logical Family, arrived on my desk I d already read his stand alone and excellent novel Maybe The Moon, but it seemed to me that in order to appreciate the memoir and avoid any spoilers revealed in it I d have to read at least the first of his famous Tales of the City books.
So I began the nine novel cycle And, as friends both IRL and on here had told me, the writing was so much breezy fun the literary equivalent of eating candy that I tore through the first book quickly After reading the memoir, I finished book two.
It took no time at all to get caught u First book of 2019A cast of characters that you d remember Mary Ann The landladyBeauchamp n deedee Eddie A string of guys String of girls San Fransisco in the 1970s Still hippies Drugs Hash Sex in many forms Scandals The rich The poor Speedy and stagy, the tales breeze by in a kaleidoscopic blur Maupin interweaves disparate narrative threads with such ease that you hardly register how elaborate the plot actually is, until you ve finished it.

What did I do between finishing this novel and writing its review I ordered More Tales of the City Further Tales of the City on ebay I m THAT invested confident that they ll match this one It is uproarious and uber funny It stars the cute Mary Ann Singleton think amodern Holly Golightly but less of a prostitute a vibrant array of costars It is concise, like Vile Bodies and perhaps in that same realm of Evelyn Waugh type social satire And what else Authentic pluses include the kitschyness inherent in a Pedro Almodovar comedy, and even some of the picaresque qualities of my all time fave, Confederacy of Dunces It is about this enthusiastic selection of promiscuous pre 80 s San Franners It s about the bummer of losing hippie hood the anguish in Bohemia In one word Awesome There my favorite of Maupin s books a time capsule to San Fran 1976

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