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[Deborah Tannen] ð Talking from 9 to 5: Women and Men at Work [science-fiction-romance PDF] Read Online Ü still reading But this girl says what needs to be said Brain Candy.
This is an excellent resource for women and a beautiful sociolinguistic bit of research Tannen is a serious linguistic researcher who, as it happens, has found a mainstream readership and has successfully marketed herself into a general interest category She impresses me to no end If you like Pinker, you ll also like Tannen.
The book would probably be most helpful for people in managerial roles It is of a guide to understanding communication styles than a guide to improving one s own I did find it very interesting though It gave a concrete voice to many of my own perceptions about the way I am perceived and helped me to understand one of my co workers in particular who has a communication style at the exact opposite end of the spectrum from my own and one that I don t often encounter in southern society It was also nice to have someone with a pedegree confirm that many of the labels that have been applied to me because of my own style not confident, etc are merely mis reading social cues that are so automatic to me I appreciated her even handed and nonjudgmental tone.
Really useful in understanding how wrong conversations can go Helps in understanding how the same words don t mean the same to the speaker and listener Adds much perspective to many of the problems we see in today s culture wars Highly recommend reading any all of Deborah Tannen s books.
I don t always agree with her but she does cause me to stop and think before getting angry I also laugh when miscommunication happens when I find myself saying I just said that didn t you listen to my words.
I ve read several books by Deborah Tannen She offers insight into the differences between how men and women think, and therefore speak differently She explains the valid reasons behind both gender styles of communication This book focuses mainly on conversations in the workplace.

Deborah Tannen is brilliant I have been devouring her books, and this is the latest that I ve read Her insights are not just observations they are reinforced by scientific research She elucidates how our language works and how it is affected by status, gender, and specific circumstance It s fascinating, but it s also really, really helpful.
I learned about the spectrum of communication styles, especially when people communicate indirectly Insightful as to why miscommunication occurs.
I d really like to read of Deborah Tannen, and about sociolinguistics as well.
I don t remember how this got onto my book shelves, but there it was when I was looking for something to read.
Wish I d read it years ago When I think back to the times in my work life when I had difficulty, it was never because I couldn t accomplish a technical task No, it was because I couldn t communicate effectively with a co worker or boss Sometimes my being a knucklehead didn t help either The book is written, I think it s fair to say, for the benefit of women, but it works as a good guide for men, too, on how we Americans talk at work Americans because, as I learned from the book, other cultures the Japanese, especially talk very differently than we do The author is a college professor and linguist, and sometimes quotes research studies than we need to know about Sometimes we d wish an editor had convinced her to cu Your Project Went Off Without A Hitch But Somebody Else Got The CreditYou Averted A Crisis Brilliantly But No One NoticedYou Came To The Meeting With A Sensational Idea But It Was Ignored Until Someone Else Said The Same Thing HOW CAN YOU GET CREDIT GET AHEAD In Her Extraordinary International Bestseller, You Just Don T Understand, Deborah Tannen Transformed Forever The Way We Look At Intimate Relationships Between Women And Men Now She Turns Her Keen Ear And Observant Eye Toward The Workplace Where The Ways In Which Men And Women Communicate Can Determine Who Gets Heard, Who Gets Ahead, And What Gets DoneAn Instant Classic, Talking From To Brilliantly Explains Women S And Men S Conversational Rituals And The Language Barriers We Unintentionally Erect In The Business World It Is A Unique And Invaluable Guide To Recognizing The Verbal Power Games And Miscommunications That Cause Good Work To Be Underappreciated Or Go Unnoticed An Essential Tool For Promoting Positive And Productive Professional Relationships Among Men And Women

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