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[ Read Online Ten Terrific Monsters Ó back-to-school PDF ] by Chris Mason  Join Willie The Wolf And The Nine Other Monsters He Met In The Unemployment Line And See All The Things They Did After They Left The Line In This Hidden Item Book Ten Terrific Monsters Features Over One Hundred Items To Look For In Ten Different Scenes Children And Adults Alike Will Enjoy All The Hidden Items Found Within These Pages Meet Willie the Wolf and his ten monster friends he met in the unemployment line Search through ten scenes to find over one hundred different items, including Willie and his monster buddies Can you find all of them Opinion This book was very entertaining and helped me pass the time when I was bored The monsters were adorable, and the illustrations were very well drawn I thought it was genius how the author included himself and the illustrator in the story.
On the page where the author wrote what needed to be found in each picture, it was very helpful to have little images of what we were searching for In other search and find books I have done, the items to find are household, and everyone knows what they are In this book, however, the items were bizarre but very interesting I mean, who doesn t want t This is a fun activity book for kids who enjoy Where is Waldo series.
Each illustration in the book is loaded with hidden details which the reader is asked to find There is a list of all the hidden items on the consecutive page, so the reader might browse back and forth until discovering them all.
Some of those items are pretty hard to detect, which is fun and exciting but can also lead to some frustration Not to worry, if you give up you can browse to the end of the book where you ll find the original illustrations with the hidden items circled I ve had several aha moments when I looked at thoseAlthough there is a story which is supposed to connect all the illustrations into a certain theme, the story isn t the main thing in this book, and in my opinion, it s basically redundant.
The theme of the illustrations isn t suited f Ten Terrific Monsters is a fun hidden item book Some of the items you have to look for are funny and kind of challenging, but that could be due to I kind of suck at hidden item books, and my eyesight is going The illustrations are well crafted, drawn in fine detail Think Where s Waldo style While Ten Terrific Monsters is aimed at children it is overall theme seemed for adults than kids or at least not YOUNGER kids I could share this book with my 12 years old so than I could my twin 4 year old s Overall Ten Terrific Monster was enjoyable It was a fun nonchalant read Adults and older kids will definitely enjoy the movie and cult culture references throughout the book For example when helping Willie the wolf find his items one of the items you are looking for is a t shirt with the words Team Jacob on it The humor was noted It was cl

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