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ï Terminal Rage Ä Download by Ê A.M. Khalifa A very, very good book.
Initially, I wasn t looking forward to reading this, I don t know why, but I absolutely loved it There are so many twists that it s hard to give an honest review without throwing spoilers in, which I have no intention of doing.
The story jumps all over the globe, but wherever Khalifa takes us we re straight into the action This is a book that holds your attention and I thoroughly recommend it because the reader won t second guess how this story pans out All is not as it seems So why only a 4 Star Because it jumps around chronologically and that s a bit confusing This shouldn t put a prospective reader off but it is annoying Khalifa starts each chapter with the date, but this isn t helpful at all because the reader can t remember the date from the previous chapter, or the one before that, and especially the one before that.
This is very Former FBI Special Agent Alexander Blackwell is urgently approached to help with a sudden hostage situation in New York Terminal Rage is a crime thriller that is not run of the mill The plot is very involved and the character development is very good.
Alexander is thrown in at the deep end and like the reader knows nothing about the hostage taker So along with the help of other members of the Hostage Rescue Team, Alexander and the reader try to work out the identity and motives of the hostage taker.
There are many, many surprises along the way and this novel has an unusual but welcome structure Woven into this story is a mass of culture that includes the Arab Spring of 2005 The story moves along at a good pace and because of the depth of the plot, it gives the reader a thrill to the very end I gets you thinking but, but, but as you try to This was one of the best books I have read in the last year and I think this book would make a wonderful movie I enjoyed the fact that it wasn t your normal run of the mill hostage taking ,terrorist book The twist that the author gave to this story was brilliant I highly recommend this book.
Finally recovering from the mental toll of his disastrous last case, Alex Blackwell, once the FBI s top hostage negotiator, is pulled back into action at the request of a man posing as an Arab prince who has taken over a skyscraper in midtown Manhattan Besides the hostages in the building, the man threatens to kill children at daycare centers knowing this is the one thing he could say that will convince Blackwell to forsake his self imposed exile So begins Terminal Rage by A.
M Khalifa amkwriter , a layered thrill ride of a novel that moves seamlessly from inside a nerve wracking hostage situation to far flung locations across the United States and the world including Italy, Egypt, England and Australia Who the mysterious man is and what his motivations are will be revealed in A compelling action adventure black ops terrorist novel with a great deal of tension even in the sections with less action Complex plot, interesting storyline and compelling characters I did find the various points of view a little disconcerting at times and the last portion of the book was a bit of an anti climax, although it wrapped up loose ends very nicely Found this one difficult to put down and will be keeping it as a re read Will definitely give other books by this author a close look.
Hold your breath,and hang onA real head Turner,classic yet modern with a twist in every other paragraph Story feels the way you would,if you had the will to be revenged You never have to go back to check the storyline, and a great ending.
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Very gripping read What I liked I sincerely enjoyed the way Mr Khalifa writes The pacing, the characters and the voice of the story are top quality Terminal Rage is told both in the present and with flashbacks of the two main characters, Seth and FBI Agent Alexander Blackwell This story had so many twists and turns, it was like a corkscrew The plot while somewhat plausible is a bit out there but the author made me by into it The personalities of the FBI characters seemed completely believable And yes, I realize I m talking in circles because if I say just the least bit too much, I would spoil everything Suffice it to say, I went into this free read expecting nothing and felt like I won the lottery I immediately looked for One of the biggest problems I had with this book was the info dumping.
It was definitely the style of writing that made them necessary, but I think they could have been done differently and appropriately I did like the the main character s were revolving You were given solid characterizations for all of them and also good insight into their motives.
Khalifa deliberately avoided answering the question as to why Blackwell was singled out and that was a big no no for me This is the reason why I did not give five stars Why Because this piece of information was crucial to the storyline It is, in fact, why this story started to begin with It is the reason why Blackwell was even a character in this book You can t leave something like that unanswered It was a great driving force for me to finish the book I was that curious I enjoyed Seth He was a great character and I liked how his

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