Download Epub Format ↠´ The Adventures of Little Red Bear: The First Holler PDF by ☆ James R. Milson

Download Epub Format ↠´ The Adventures of Little Red Bear: The First Holler PDF by ☆ James R. Milson I ve been threatening to read a James Milson book for way too long and now that I finally have, it is clear that my instincts were right Wonderfully told, almost beautiful I would say, this is a book to be read out loud to children, sadly mine are too old for that now but I will read it to my grand nieces and nephews at the first opportunity The language is simple yet sumptuous in that it really does feel like the author is sitting by the fire with you The accent of the locality comes through without being annoying and that is a skill in writing in itself I love the names, Cinnamon Charlie, Bobo, Howdy, Packsaddle Pete and of course Little Red Bear This is a book of quality and while I read everything on my Kindle, I think this is one of those books that 5 stars for this book of friendship, fun, and adventure, with lovable characters The Adventures of Little Red Bear The First Holler Paperback, written by author James R Milson is a great story of friendship and kindness.
Meet Little Red Bear in the Ozarks Mountain Country as he befriends many lovable characters You will enjoy this relaxing story that is filled educational information as you maneuver your way through the great outdoors I laughed out loud when I met the personalities in this tale.
I highly recommend this story for all readers, but especially, for a fun read a loud for families and classrooms This book will open up many discussions of nature, facts, and feelings of compassion for others.
Great story Mr Milson Keep your stories coming A truly delightful collection of short stories reminiscent of Beatrix Potter s Tales of Peter Rabbit and Kenneth Grahame s Wind in the Willows Wonderful, colourful characters and something to be learned from each story Even the introduction is a charming read although I was aware of some of the terms that are used in the stories, there were a few that were new to me I particularly enjoyed The Rescue of Little Red Bear and The Storm cozy stories that I am looking forward to sharing with my granddaughter when she gets a bit older James, thank you for the introduction to Little Red and friends and I look forward to future tales.
My daughters and I really enjoyed this collection of short stories There were so many great adventures in this book and we loved it from beginning to end There was mystery, laughter, excitement, and a lot of fun characters We used this as a read aloud for our homeschool, and it is great for vocabulary words, and science concepts as well We really liked how the stories all tied together and we were all amazed when we finally learned how Little Red Bear was rescued from his ordeal in the beginning of the book.
We were laughing at the pig and how the bears couldn t understand him, yet everyone else could It was funny how my kids wanted me to translate what the pig was saying since he spoke Pig Latin of course It sure was interesting We are wondering what h Family Friendly, Old Fashioned Short Stories For All Ages A Fun And Captivating Blend Of Humor And Action Adventure Stories Featuring A New Kind Of Action Hero This Collection Of Six Short Stories, The First In A Series, Features Little Red Bear, An Uncommonly Special Bear Living In The Scenic Ozarks Mountain Country Just A Little South Of The Sweet Tea Line, With A Great Number Of Friends Woodland Critters, Barnyard Animals And Human Folk AlikeExciting And Heartwarming Stories Feature Colorful, Fun And Loveable Characters With Positive Themes Of Friendship, Helping Others, Kindness And Overcoming Challenges In Life Blended With Educational Information On The Ways Of Nature, The Environment, Conservation And A Love Of The Outdoors

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