Download Epub Format ↠´ The Amateur Marriage PDF by Ó Anne Tyler

Download Epub Format ↠´ The Amateur Marriage PDF by Ó Anne Tyler Mom and dad are fighting, againand againand againand againand again.

Pauline is a highmaintenance disorganized impulsive extrovert drama queen and Michael is an highly organized, methodical slowwitted judgmental introvert who enjoys lists of groceries and looking at construction tools.
They did not know this when they decided to get married.
All Michael knew about Pauline was that he had never seen such a beautiful girl in his life, and she liked the color red.
All Pauline knew about Michael was he was a grocery clerk who is also war hero (not, actually).
It was WWII and time was short, or so they thought.
They were young, the neighborhood was an inborn ethnic place of Polish immigrants, and it was 1941.

< Another wonderful story from Anne Tyler about a perfectly normal family, told in an anything but average way.
She has this remarkable ability to craft stories that are incredibly engaging and heartfelt about a subject that's so often written of.
She certainly has her niche, but it's not cliche or dull or overwrought—it's just perfectly right.
I loved Michael and Pauline and hated them at the same time.
I loved how each chapter jumped a bit in time so we were really able to live out this marriage with them, through it's few highs and many lows.
A great family saga and again confirms my love for Tyler's work.
4 stars 4 stars

"They were such a perfect couple.
They were taking their very first steps on the amazing journey of marriage, and wonderful adventures were about to unfold in front of them.

Wow, don't most marriages start out with this assumption!! I had to laugh to myself when I stumbled across this quote in my notes after having finished my journey with this book.
And what a wild ride that was! I am honestly quite drained after reading this.
I can't recall another book compelling me to scrutinize my own behaviors and my relationships so intensely as Anne Tyler's The Amateur Marriage.

Michael and Pauline have a brief courtship followed by a wedding during the turbulent wartime I read this book very carefully.
It's a great fit for the cerebral part of my brain.

having anything to do with complex relationships and family dymamics.

I literally can pick this book apartpiece by piece to analyze.
a perfect groupdiscussionchoice.

Several Goodreads members, and I, picked this book for a group discussion.

For those interested to join in(if you've read the book)
Here is how to find the discussion group:
go to groups
join the 'public' group "The Reading For Pleasure Book Club" ( do not worry about
obligationsmany members have joined just to link into the designed book discussion for 'this book')
Scroll down through threads until you find "The Amateur Marriage"
clink 'link Pauline and Michael meet just as America is gathering troops to help fight the Second World War.
It’s Baltimore in the 40’s, and we are about to observe this seemingly mismatched couple (Michael quiet and ‘straight’, Pauline vivacious and wild) act out the rest of their lives.

I read this book as part of a group read, so I’ll not delve too deeply into what happens.
But I will record a few thoughts on the experience of spending a week in the company of this duo.
And let’s modify that statement for a start, as we meet friends and neighbours and, of course, the wider family too along the way – it’s not totally focused on Michael and Pauline.

It’s a gentle tale.
A story of a normal ma

A lot of people who reviewed this book thought that it was about a marriage in which the partners were incompatible.
They were too different.
He was ethnic inner city, she was of WASP heritage.
Their personalities were too different.
They were both stuck in adolescence, hence the amateur quality of their marriage.
But for me it was Everymarriage.
Of course they were of different backgrounds, with World War II acting like a giant cultural mixer.
Of course they were differentopposites attract.
As to adolescence, that represented where they were mired, not a personality type.
(Look at our society these days, look at Congress!)

Both their personalities were problematical.
She was totally temperamental, he was the cold fish.
The more she pursued, the more he walled himself off.
She became the trouble maker of the fa I read this book a few years agobut it has stuck with me.
The book is a portrait of a marriage between two incredibly different people.
The woman is very emotional, with a flair for the dramatic.
The man is very nonemotional.
It paints a picture of so many marriages I have seen.

I think there comes a point in marriage where a woman realizes that she married a GUY.
Sounds weird to saybut there was a part of me that imagined my husband would enjoy shopping and fashion and cry at the opera, and love Jane Austin.

OK, not exactly Jane Austin but .

He points at helicopters in the sky and talks about fuel pods and rotors and antitorque propellers and .
that's just MEN.
You know? And it's quite adorable, and we love them for it.

I loved the characters in this book.
I identifi “ He wished he had inhabited more of his life, used it better, filled it fuller.

As the title suggests this was an exploration of how not everyone is an expert at companionship/marriage.
Simply put it this was a magnified look at an unhappy marriage or watching a trainwreck happen over three generations and how it affects everyone around the couple.

This was my third Anne Tyler this year after loving A Spool of Blue Thread, I was dead set on revisiting her familyoriented books.
She has this ability to showcase complex characters in very complex relationships especially in this book.
She paired two very different individuals An extroverted over the top Woman with a reserved Introverted man and spending each chapter in both their minds, we get to see how the lack of communication destroys their union.

“I am fascinated by how families work, endurance, how do we get through life?”
Anne Tyler, from an interview in The Guardian

Two mismatched people – impulsive, gregarious, Wasp Pauline and methodical, quiet Polish Catholic Michael – get married, continually fight, move from one Baltimore neighbourhood to another, raise three children, experience loss and then… well, I don't want to spoil the plot, such as it is.

You don’t read Anne Tyler for big drama; you go to her for her vivid characters and the way she shows you people – to borrow from the quote above – “getting through life.

The Amateur Marriage spans more than half a century, with several years elapsing between each chapter.
(Each chapter, shaped bea The Amateur Marriage Livres NotRetrouvez The Amateur Marriage Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion The Amateur Marriage Ebook EPub Anne Tyler AchatThe Amateur Marriage, Anne Tyler, Vintage Digital Des Milliers De Livres Avec La Livraison Chez Vous Enjour Ou En Magasin Avec % De Rduction The Amateur Marriage Poche Anne Tyler Achat Livre Fnac The Amateur Marriage, Anne Tyler, Ballantine Libri Des Milliers De Livres Avec La Livraison Chez Vous Enjour Ou En Magasin Avec % De Rduction The Amateur Marriage By Anne Tyler Goodreads Lives In Time For Me, The Amateur Marriage Represents The Sixth Time I Have read One Of Anne Tyler S Novels On The Surface It S The Story Of Michael And Pauline They Meet By Chance Inin Anton S, The Grocery Store Run By Michael S Family , Perhaps Incidentally, Is The Year Anne Tyler The Amateur Marriage EBook De Anne Tyler Lisez The Amateur Marriage De Anne Tyler Disponible Chez Rakuten Kobo Michael And Pauline Seemed Like The Perfect Couple Young, Good Looking, Made For Each Other The Moment She Walked Int The Amateur Marriage By Anne Tyler Bookworm The Amateur Marriage By Anne Tyler Bookworm Hanoi From The Inimitable Anne Tyler, A Rich And Compelling Novel About A Mismatched Marriage And Its Consequences, Spanning Three Generations They Seemed Like The Perfect Couple Young, Good Looking, Made For Each Other The Amateur Marriage Wikipedia Sur La Route

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