ô The Andreou Marriage Arrangement ¶ Download by ¼ Helen Bianchin

ô The Andreou Marriage Arrangement ¶ Download by ¼ Helen Bianchin A sweet, low angst story The h is still traumatized by her brief abusive marriage, only to find out that under the conditions of her father s will, she must marry her father s friend to keep her shares of the company she has poured her life into.
I ve read this trope many times, but this was one where I loved both characters from the beginning Loukas starts off as the typical a alpha, but once he starts to suspect what Alesha has gone through, his gentleness and yes, sexiness starts to come through The reader gets both his viewpoint and hers as their relationship develops.
Some of my favorite parts view spoiler 1 The two king size beds in the bedroom 2 The smack down with the former lover Yay for warrior skills 3 When she realizes she loves him4 When he declares his love for her When at last he released her, she could only look at him with her heart, her love there Re read December 9, 2016 add 2 star read October 13, 2012 paperback Marriage of convenience heroine abused hero coveted by another woman ex lover bitch describes parties and clothes of the rich in detail It follows the formula already known by the author but there is something to this story I did a reading Marathon this week and in all books heroin accepted all harassment and threats that the other woman does to heroin without reacting in any way She simply stood there inert and without reacting But our heroine reacts and I must say I was amazed She sought the right nerve and the model s legs buckled, sending her sliding to the floor And our hero is spectacular He gradually will knowing the heroine and the secrets she keeps and at every turn he is kind, gentle and caring.
And he is not indifferent to the suffering of the heroin, he acts and makes her enemies his enemies and take revenge Loukas Andreou A Force To Be Reckoned With In Businessand In The Bedroom, As Rumor Has It The Same Man Who, To Alesha Karsouli S Horror, She Must Marry According To The Terms Of Her Father S WillAlesha Reluctantly Concedes To A Paper Marriage Where She And Loukas Will Fulfill Social Obligations Yet Lead Separate Lives But Loukas Needs A Wife Who Is Doting In Public And The Only Way To Make That Arrangement Appear Authentic Is If She S His Willing Bride In Private 3.
5 stars Le do el 13 07 2010 This is somethg different.
After being abused mentally, physically, and sexually by her first husband who was only after her family money, Alesha Karsouli vowed never to marry and allow another man to get to her However, when her father s will is read, she learns if she wants to keep the family business, she must marry Loukas Andreou Together they will co own and operate the business Loukas is a man her father liked and trusted, thus, her father is ensuring there isn t a repeat of her first marriage.
Alesha vows this will be only a paper marriage that she will never again lose her independence to a man As their first couple of nights as man and wife come and pass, Loukas cannot help but notice the way Alesha shields herself away from him Flinching at every move he makes

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5 rounded up Heroine was in an abusive relationship and divorced the guy Her father was worried about her and his business so his will contained a forced marriage clause to the hero Hero turns out to be just what the heroine needed Most of the story is the hero realizing what the heroine has gone through and patiently drawing her out of her shell He takes as many showers as she does, so they are a match made in heaven.
The heroine realizes she loves the hero when view spoiler he is hit by a stray bullet on the streets of Athens Don t worry he s okay hide spoiler Very cheesy and passionate love story about a marriage of convenience Heroine had been married before and she was mentally and physically abused It was great how hero s love healed her and it was great how hero ruined her ex bastard husband He was a strong and sexy alpha hero Epilogue with their twins was super cute

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