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[Patricia Polacco] × The Art of Miss Chew [occult PDF] Read Online × After Spending The Summer With Her Artist Grandmother, Trisha Knows She Wants To Be An Artist, Too She S Thrilled When Her Sketches Get Her Into Miss Chew S Special Art Class At The High School A Substitute Teacher Tells Her She S Wasting Time On Art When She Should Be Studying But Fortunately, This Is One Battle That Miss Chew And Trisha Are Up For This True Story Shows Just How Important A Teacher Can Be In A Child S Life And Celebrates The Power Of Art Itself 1 OpeningWho remembers Patricia Polacco Or a book she has written Remember the story Thank You, Mr Falker About Patricia as a little girl struggling to read and the embarrassment given by her classmates Mr Falker steps in and teaches Patricia how to read at her own pace What do many of Patricia Polacco s books have in common Right They teach students valuable lessons, they are personal narratives about Polacco s past, and they show the dedication and determination of teachers and Patricia not giving up when things get hard Based on what you know about Patricia Polacco and her books, can you predict what might happen in The Art of Miss Chew 2 Opening MovesPrompt children to anticipate a book by a favorite author, make connections to a previous text, think about the writer s style or theme, prompt predict Oh, when the inside front and back covers and book dedication already had me close to crying, I knew this was going to be one of the Patricia Polacco books where I d be sobbing my eyes out, or feeling like doing so, and those are the books by her that are my favorites And this one is now among my favorite books by one of my favorite picture book authors.
Thanks so much to Abigail I own a copy I hope Abigail read this before she sent it, and if not luckily has another great Polacco book left to read and I was able to read this in advance of official publication I am so grateful What a great present And the term present has meaning in the book too Very interesting to me, I m not normally a huge fan of Polacco s art by itself, but enjoy it in relation to her stories In this book, about her journey as an artist, and containing pictures of drawi

Now, I have been reading many of Patricia Polacco s books over the years and even though I continued to be mesmerized by her childhood stories, I have always wondered how Patricia Polacco became such a prolific artist, as well as being an effective storyteller So, when I got around to reading one of Patricia Polacco s newer books The Art of Miss Chew, I finally found out how Patricia Polacco became such a talented artist After Trisha spent the summer with her grandmother who was a talented artist, Trisha wanted to become an artist herself Unfortunately, her school does not have an art class that Trisha could participate in until her Irish teacher Mr Donovan, suggested that Trisha could join a special art cl This is a review from my 7 year old daughter who loves art When she was done reading this book she said that it was awesome Well, that equates to a 5 star in my book She loved the illustrations and reading about the author s past Just to confirm it was based on a true story, she asked me after she read it She found it fascinating that Polacco wasn t a very good reader but went on to write and illustrate books I personally had a teacher who made me feel special and inspired me to do better I can only hope my daughter comes across teachers like this This was a perfect read for my daughter because she has stated that she wants her own art museum and that she would put some of her work in it.

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