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[Katie Couric] ß The Blue Ribbon Day [young-adult PDF] Read Online º A feel good story after dealing with difficult rejection only to find success elsewhere The story has a nice flow to it as well as rythmn and rhyme I would suggest this book for kids who have or at least thought about trying out for anything they have had a passion to do A good lesson in overcoming obstacles.
I can t exactly put my finger on why, but I found this book to be slightly annoying First, the author s note to the reader at the beginning put me off the vocabulary Couric decided to use in this note was not at all appropriate for the intended audience of the book I didn t care for the story, either The plot was ok, but something about the rhyme structure bothered me I don t know if it was overly sing songy, or if the rhymes felt forced, but something was just off to me I also felt like the moral of the story was overly obvious Between the note at the beginning and the lines in the story, the author really hits readers over the head with her point Kids can pick up on subtlety and will be able to understand the point Everybody S A Star, A Brilliant Creation The Trouble Is Finding The Right Constellation Ellie McSnelly And Carrie O Toole, The Winning Pair Of Friends From The Brand New Kid, Are Back In A New Adventure Ellie And Carrie Decide To Try Out For The School Team In Their Favorite Sport, Soccer But When Only One Of The Girls Is Selected, The Inseparable Pair Faces A Challenge What Do You Say When Your Best Friend Is Terribly Disappointed But While Some Disappointments Can T Be Avoided, Carrie Learns With Some Help From Her Mother And Her Old Friend Lazlo That While She May Not Be Good At Everything, She Has Undiscovered Talents Waiting To Bloom, If She Has The Courage To Try Something NewFor Every Reader Who Has Ever Set His Or Her Heart On Joining A Sports Team, Getting A Part In The School Play, Or Winning A Class Election, And Been Let Down, Katie Couric S Reassuring And Inspiring Story Gives A Charming Lesson In Confidence What a great message We have all felt disappointed but we must keep trying to find what we are good at and not waste our time wishing we were good at what someone else is good at.
I enjoyed this book I appreciated this read partially because I played soccer growing up as well and I remember the anxiety from try out day and the way it caused tension among my friends and I However, I believe the book also conveyed a strong and useful message It teaches young readers that everyone can find their strength, and it may be different than your friends but everyone will find their calling eventually.
Ellie McSnelly and Carrie O Toole are two best friends who decide to tryout for their school s soccer team They are both very excited and hope to make it on the team The day of tryouts arrives, Ellie is REALLY good, and Carrie tries her hardest A list of call backs is posted in the school, and Carrie isn t on the list, but Ellie was Carrie is very upset, but happy for Ellie The next day, Carrie wanted to start anew, so she and her lab partner, Dazlo, decided to work on an experiment for the upcoming Science Fair Carrie and Dazlo created crystals in different colors and sizes, and their experiment was put into the Science Fair Carrie and Dazlo won a blue ribbon for their experiment, and the next day, Carrie got to cheer Ellie on at her soccer game I really liked this book The story is sweet and relatable to a lot of p I loved the rhyming in this story and how it carried out from start to finish I thought it was incredible how the author was able to rhyme and create a valuable message to the readers The illustrations were okay I thought the body structure of the characters was awkward and unrealistic on certain pages.
As a parent, it is hard for me to watch my children struggle with anything, but I know that I have to let them fail sometimes no matter how hard it is for both of us This book is great for teaching us all that though we may be disappointed at what we view as failures, we learn that it is those things that allow us the opportunities to find what we are good at

I know the intention of this book is to help kids overcome failure, but to me the moral is, If at first you don t succeed, it probably wasn t your thing Few people are good at something the first time they try it Why not encourage kids to work at something they are interested in and sharpen their skills instead of telling them to give up and find something they are naturally talented in The book has a good message about dealing with disappointment and perseverance to keep trying The illustrations were very child like, fun and colorful Teaches rhyme, idioms, perseverance.

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