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Ç Read ¾ The Branded Mind by Erik Du Plessis ¹ A little too theoretical for what I ws looking for, for Brnd courses Excellent content based on research Published in 2011.

great book insightful The Branded Mind Is About How People Think, And In Particular How People Think About Brands Brand Choice Decisions Ultimately Take Place Inside The Consumer S Head Neuroscience, Then, Holds Lessons For How Consumers Respond To Brands And Make Purchasing Decisions Marketers And Brand Managers Should Take Note Erik Du Plessis Does Just That In This, His Second Book, Du Plessis Explores What Scientists Have Uncovered About The Structure Of The Brain And How Different Parts Of The Brain Interact He Investigates Developments In Neuroscience And Neuromarketing And What Lessons This Holds For Brand Managers What Bearing Do These Developments Have On Current Theories Of Consumer Behavior How Can Neuroscience Contribute To Marketing And Brand Building Strategies Including Research By Millward Brown, The Branded Mind Touches On Key Topics Such As The Nature Of Feelings, Moods, Personality, Measuring The Brain, Consumer Behavior, Decision Making, And Market Segmentation

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