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[Junot Díaz] Ø The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao [young-adult-romance PDF] Read Online ¶ I want to know all about your family, your childhood, your grandparents, their childhood, etc, etc, I want to know where you lived, what food you ate, what games you played or didn t play I want to know why this is important to you or that is not Which is why I LOVED this book Junot Diaz takes 300 pages to tell a story about a boy that wants to be kissed and the kiss MATTERS because we know his family, we know his friends, we know their superstitions and their pains, and their loses and their survivals and by the time we get to page 339 we know why the kiss is so important.
Oscar goes on the short list of book characters that will stay with me forever.
I bought Oscar Wao as a birthday gift for my mother in October based on scores of sterling reviews She read it, gave it a mild thumbs up probably just being nice and handed it off to me Now having read it, I m pretty mortified I thought this book would be something she might like The critical consensus seemed to be that Junot Diaz is a good writer, and he picked a good story to tell here in his first novel But I found this book lacking on both counts I found the writing lazy and unexpressive in many places Granted, I have no Spanish language background, so there were some important places in the novel where I couldn t get the total meaning of the sentences, but I thought Diaz s reliance on slang colloquialism arose out of laziness than from the narrative voice, which was often sloppy There are multiple narrators and Exhilarating Brutal yet beautiful Wao I really enjoyed both the style and the story of this whirlwind of a novel by Junot D az I can see why he got a Pulitzer and wonder if he other books are as fun to read I think that Seven Killings was even masterful, but Oscar delivers nearly as much gore and Caribbean corruption and historical facts as well I especially enjoyed the footnotes Writing any about this book would certainly break my no spoilers rules so suffice it to say that this book was GREAT and I will be on the lookout for D az fiction For about Trujillo, his regime, his assassination, and the chaos that ensued with a magnificent female protagonist Urania , don t miss Feast of the Goat by Nobel Laureate Mario Vargas Llosa it is extraordinary Ok, I m writing a review of this book right now or I ma die trying goddamn it 1 HOUR LATERI got nothing I ve deleted like 20 paragraphs 1 HOUR LATER 2 bruises in my forehead, kind of dizzy, I ve cursed the gods of knowledge for being born without literary talent And 0 review Oh god I give up This is all I got This book is awesome Is a nerdy dude being nerdy as hell and not getting pussy Even tho he desperately wants it he watches Akira which I think is kind of cool he watches cool tv shows that I like Talks about books that I like, and has an unhealthy Tolkien obsession almost as big as mine I didn t like it when he was hating on Magic The Gathering but whatever I know how different strategy nerds get really aggressive when talking about games they don t like, he eats platano Mucho mucho platano And god damn it I love platanos too With cebollitas and queso frito He has a fuku A to Z around the world personal challenge D is Dominican RepublicAfter the partial failure with another Pulitzer winner and the controversy surrounding this book author I was a bit weary at first I shouldn t have been because it was an excellent novel which deserves its praise The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao is not about Oscar s life and it definitely wasn t wondrous It is a saga of Dominicana family starting in the Republic during the horrendous period of Trujillo s reign, one of the worse dictatores, and ending in New York in the 90 s The main characters are, in my opinion, the invisible Trujillo and la madre de Oscar, Belicia Cabral La historia is narrated by one of the characters and we gradually find out who that is The timeline is not linear but it made sense to me The characters are powerfully, all flawed and not overly likable but they felt real to the period an Soon after I started reading this book, I also started readingHousekeeping vs The Dirtby Nick Hornby In it s preface, Hornby discusses why reading has fallen by the wayside as of late A lot of people associate reading with boredom because to most, it feels like a chore to get through novels If people would just read what they enjoyed, then they would begin again to see the pleasures of reading and thus, do of it he even makes a point that someone who reads only The Economist and their daily paper every week may in fact be reading words than him There s a bit of circular logic to this, of course how are you to know if you ll enjoy a book unless you start Along with that, you have many circles that seem This Is An Alternate Cover Edition For Oscar Is A Sweet But Disastrously Overweight Ghetto Nerd Who From The New Jersey Home He Shares With His Old World Mother And Rebellious Sister Dreams Of Becoming The Dominican JRR Tolkien And, Most Of All, Finding Love But Oscar May Never Get What He Wants Blame The Fuk A Curse That Has Haunted Oscar S Family For Generations, Following Them On Their Epic Journey From Santo Domingo To The USA Encapsulating Dominican American History, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao Opens Our Eyes To An Astonishing Vision Of The Contemporary American Experience And Explores The Endless Human Capacity To Persevere And Risk It All In The Name Of Love The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot D az is pure genius storytelling at its core This was a Book Club choice that had me a little nervous but in the end had me tightly strapped in for the ride.
As the title suggests, there is brevity to Oscar Wao s life Going into the read knowing this fact makes it even harder to accept as you have little hope that he will survive all that is thrown at him in his early years You root for him the entire length of the book but know deep in your heart it will not end well.
The imagery, foreshadowing and character development is on point rich with emotion and passion You will fall in love with Oscar knowing all the while he is so very different from you, but so very similar at the Honestly, if someone had warned me that this book would barrage me, page after page, line after line, clause after clause, with obscure dorky references, Dominican Republican history lessons, and Spanish colloquialisms, I may not have picked it up But I am glad I did.
It is comforting to realize that on the scale of nerd dom, I fall on the light end I could follow the shout outs to science fiction authors, as well as the Lord of the Rings allusions of which there were many But I was lost for all the anime, video game, comic, and role playing mentions And I was okay with that Really My ignorance didn t keep me from empathizing with the main character super dork Oscar Wao He actually reminded me of all the odd computer science and mechanical engineering ma Meet Oscar de Leon, dubbed Oscar Wao by bullies who liken him to the foppish Oscar Wilde Our Oscar is a fat, virginal Dominican American teenager who carries a Planet of the Apes lunchbox to school, spends hours painting his Dungeons Dragons miniatures, and who knows about the Marvel Universe than Stan Lee If Nerd was a country, Oscar would be its undisputed king Oscar is the kind of kid sweaty, mumbles to himself, inevitably invades personal space, probably has bad breath we would avoid on the subway In Junot Diaz debut novel, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, however, Oscar is the flame and we are the moths An earnestly open hearted protagonist, he draws us to him until we incinerate in the intensity of his character He s a pitif

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