[Mercedes Oestermann Van Essen] ¼ The Buddhist Trader [young-adult-paranormal PDF] Read Online é ar1web.co

[Mercedes Oestermann Van Essen] ¼ The Buddhist Trader [young-adult-paranormal PDF] Read Online é The Buddhist Trader Introduces You To A New, Expansive View On Trading Psychology And Behavioral Finance Traditional Buddhist Wisdom Taught For Millennia What Science Is Proving Now Your Reality Is Purely Driven From The Inside You Will Be Introduced To Radically New Concepts Of Trading And Investment Psychology And Behavioral Finance Which Will Empower You, The Trader And Investor Discover Insights Into The Workings Of Your Trading Mind And Learn How You Create Your Trading Reality From Important Experiments In Neuro Science, And How You Can Use This Knowledge To Improve Your Trading Successful Trading With Consistency Is % Mental And Only % Strategy Learning About Yourself Is The Highest Knowledge You Can Possess Discover How To Use Your Feelings, Perceptions And Trading Emotions To Give You Feedback About Your Trading Psychology Your Reactions To Trading Events And Not The Events Themselves Dictate How You Create Your Long Term Trading Success Even Many Experienced Traders Fail To See This Wisdom There Are Two Keys To Consistent Trading Profits Your Trading Mind Set, This Includes Your Ability To Focus Clearly Your BEing Trading Mastery Is A Way Of BEing If Your Trading System Only Contributes % To Your Overall Trading Success Doesn T It Make Sense To Spend Time On Learning About Your Trading Emotions The Buddhist Trader Shows You How To Understand Feelings And Emotions And Handle Your Trading Emotions In A New Way When You Shift Into A Higher State Of BEing Your Trading Shifts To Another Level We Are In A Major Transition From One Large Cycle To Another Which Will Last For Years And Affects All Of Us Market Volatility Presents Challenges To Your Trading Mind Uncertainty About The Future Brings Suppressed Anxieties To The Fore Learn To Handle Fear And Anxiety And Trade In The Zone Traders Tap Into The Collective Mood Believing That These Feelings And Thoughts Are Their Own Nothing Could Be Further From The Truth Though The Buddhist Trader Shows You How To Become Emotionally Detached From The Collective Mood And Perceive It Without Processing It Is If It Where Yours The Buddhist Trader Teaches You How To Expand Awareness And Change Habitual Beliefs And Unresourceful Trading Behavior Getting To Know Yourself Is The Biggest Investment You Can Make In Your Trading Career Self Knowledge Improves Trading Confidence And Improves Your Trading Results The Benefits Can Be Life Transforming And Will Spill Over Into Other Areas Of Your Life Too Discover Your Personal Level Of Cognitive Development And What The Different Cognitive Development Stages Mean For Your Personal Trading Style Fear And Anxiety Are Big Issues For Over % Of Traders The Buddhist Trader Shows You How To Face Your Fears And Anxieties And Be Comfortable With Uncertainty When You Have Learned To Face Your Trading Fears, They Automatically Start Falling Away Your Mind Feels Spacious And Calm, Your Ability To Take In Information Increases The Buddhist Trader Helps You To Focus Without Attachment To An Outcome Non Attachment To The Outcome Of Your Trading Positions Is A Trait Of Master Traders Discover How To Tune Into Your Own Feelings And Emotions Without Judgement And Be Sensitive To The Moods Of The Markets This Ability Will Assist You Greatly In Anticipating Market Direction At An Intuitive Level Very Few books Teach You This Invaluable Skill Discover Cutting Edge Energy Psychology Techniques And Learn How To Clear The Most Common Mental Blocks To Trading Success Learning To Distinguish Between Your Conditioned Thoughts And Your True Feelings And Emotions Eliminates Conditioned Thinking That You Have Unwittingly Transferred Onto Your Trading Decisions And Will Free Up Trading Success And Happiness Too

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