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[ Pdf The Chaos of Change ☆ lesbotronic PDF ] by J.T. Riggen ê Reviewed By Viga Boland for Readers Favorite If you ve ever wondered what the adjectives rip snorting or humdinger mean, pick up The Chaos of Change by J.
T Riggen and you ll know Talk about an intense, fast paced, often complicated, yet understandable political thriller But be prepared to come away with a sense of chaotic dystopia and an uncertainty about whether you d want to live in this future USA You see, in The Chaos of Change, the US is once again brought to the brink of civil war between north and south In fact, the two sides step over that brink, and once again blood is spilled, good men die, and wives and children are left to fend for themselves while the men of the house take up arms against their brothers and that term brothers is not just used here in the metaphoric sense.
Wh An intense read that will keep you turning the pages Great cast of characters and an interesting take on an alternate future I can t wait to see what Riggen puts out next.
If You Ve Ever Wondered What The Adjectives Rip Snorting Or Humdinger Mean, Pick Up The Chaos of Change By JT Riggen And You Ll Know Readers Favorite Reviews Intense Fast Paced A DEFINITE Recommend Author Viga Boland Political Thriller Writing At Its Best A Satisfying Blend Of Fast Paced Action And Strong Characterization Makes For A Fine Story That S Riveting, Realistic, And Hard To Put Down D Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Reviews Riggen Meticulously Takes These Characters And Wraps Them In Both Their Pride And Arrogance, Before Sending Them Off To Dance To Death S Tune Robin Goodfellow, Black Magic Reviews I Highly Recommend This Book To Anyone Looking For An Explosive Story Author Kaylin McFarrenA Second RevolutionA Second Civil WarNew Age American Heroes Will Rise And FallThe Struggle In The New World BeginsWelcome To The Imminent Future The American Political Gap Is Maximized The Individual States Have Begun Clamoring For The Disbandment Of Their Federal Government For Its Lack Of Stability Multiple Power Hungry Groups Lick Their Chops At The Thought Of Grabbing The Reigns Of The United States Of America And Then A Nation Defining Incident Occurs, Article V Of The US Constitution Is Activated, And Three Sovereign Territories Come Into ExistenceBut This Hardly Bothers Thaddeus Jackson The Son Of A Popular Former President Who Had Money, Fame, And A Promising Career In Politics Until He Ran Away To The Alaskan Wilderness To Live In Peace Away From His Family And The Growing Civil UnrestWhat Few Know Is That An Elite Group Led By Shane Wallace, Director Of The CIA Has Taken Action They Recruit The Very Hesitant Thaddeus To Be Part Of A Diplomatic Team Tasked To Negotiate The Seemingly Impossible Peace Between The Liberal Leaders Of The North And His Dysfunctional, Republican Family That Now Runs The South The Team Includes Lozen Kyway, A Highly Trained Female Agent Turned Bodyguard Dr Andreas Albrecht, A Brilliant Engineer And Scientist Who Believes He S Discovered A Truly Sustainable, Albeit Dangerous, Energy Source And Tomas Martinez, The Former Vice PresidentThis Elite Group, And All Its Supporting Team, Will Come Together In A Race Against The Clock To Divert The Territories Away From War New Age Patriots Will Rise And Fall, And New Threats To Democracy Never Before Imagined Will Emerge From The Shadows Can The Well Intentioned Come Together Fast Enough To Ward Off War In The States Whose Intentions Are Noble Whose Are Full Of Malicious Intent Prepare Yourself For An American Era Teeming With Espionage, Lies, Murder, Manipulation, And Never Ending HopeThe Chaos of Change Reviewed For Readers Favorite by Grant Leishman The Chaos of Change by J T Riggen is a political thriller set, perhaps not too very far in the future The citizens of the United States have had enough of the Federal Government They no longer believe that the Federal Government is working for their best interests The country has effectively split into four factions the Northern Alliance, made up predominately of states on the north eastern seaboard of the US The Southern Alliance, which tends to follow the makeup of the Civil War confederacy the Western Alliance, mainly California and finally a small group of Federal Government people, led by CIA Director Shane Ripley, who are determined to bring normalcy back to the United St The US federal government is dysfunctional What else is new Separatist groups form in New England, the Deep South, Minnesota, the West, and on the Texas Louisiana border there is a strange thing called the Independent Nation of Milam Former president, Richard Jackson, has twin sons, Andrew and Thaddeus Richard is the leader of the Southern Territory, he is suffering from cancer, and he has a right wing agenda Thaddeus is a liberal who runs away to Alaska where he lives off the grid as a survivalist The former director of the CIA launches something called Broken Protocol, which prompts the recall of Agent Lozen Kyway from France She is dispatched to Alaska to guard Thaddeus and take him to the Federal North Pole, which is the splinter group in Minnesota The Federal North Pole is big into a mysterious alternate energy source a The Chaos of Change provides an interesting glimpse of what the future may hold for an already divided United States The scenario which eventually unravels the union seems likely every time I read the news As political differences among left and right wing America increases and as the main stream media continues to politicize and denigrate American values, tensions are at an all high since the Civil War Chaos of Change introduces a complex plot of what could possibly unfold if the federal government dissolves and the former United States dissolves into a second Civil War Overall the plot was all too real and honestly made me nervous to think of what the future holds for our great country I already look forward to the sequel and am anxious Title The Chaos of ChangeAuthor Jim RiggenGenre Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Political 372 PagesRating 4 stars out of 5 Posted 1 26 2018No 04 2018My Impressions betrayal, intrigue, politics, science fiction Vague story line.
Main Characters Thaddeus Jackson Mysterious character, son of ex president Agent Lozen Kyway Kick butt CIA special agent.
Shane Wallace CIA Director, duplicitous character who plays both ends against the middle The Chaos of Change is the first book of a trilogy It is not a stand alone read due to the cliff hanger at the end leading into book two The story has no set time period except for references to Apache helicopters and Humvees It was strange that opposing forces had limited equipment resources like two Apaches, Humvees and several ard personnel vehicles No explanation was given as to why there were no jet I was quite nervous about starting this book I m not exactly a lover of anything political, so a novel on American politics and its presidency isn t exactly my cup of tea Or so I d initially think The Chaos of Change had the perfect balance between politics and non politics There was enough space to get to know the main characters personally And man, I got to love the main characters It was a really diverse bunch of people and each really had their own personality My favourites were Slink, Kyway and Thaddeus Jackson the people the novel was mainly about I just liked their plot line best The trio ends up in a kind of futuristic community The Federal North Pole that makes use of new technologies and has ways of earning money th

The Chaos of Change, by Jim Riggen, is a political thriller about fighting for an illusory idea called freedom, however bloody the path may be.
The book is organized into four parts In the first part, America is in turmoil territories between the North and South threaten to engage in yet another civil war, with the West cautiously watching the two sides Meanwhile, Thaddeus Jackson, the dishonored son of former President Richard Jackson, lives a carefree life in Alaska, alienated by his father s politics In the second part, in an attempt to unite the country, FBI Director Shane Wallace has decided to instigate Broken Protocol, a plan that could save the country but also destroy the federal government In the meantime, each of the territory s leaders are dealing with conflicts, from mistaken leadership, to internal strife In the third part The Chaos of Change is political thriller writing at its best, and is set in America s near future, when states that see the collapse of federal power move to become autonomous, and when a political move to dissolve the ineffective federal structure divides the country into three sovereign entities.
Thaddeus had a promising career in politics as the son of the former President of the U.
S before he saw the winds of chaos and fled to Alaska to live a solitary life away from his politically bickering family, but it s not long before government forces come looking for him, recruiting him as a negotiator between his Republican family and the liberals to the north, who are now butting heads over their new realms.
The elite team tapping Thaddeus for help is committed to avoiding a new civil war at all costs and to brin

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