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[ Read Online The Coconut Oil Miracle (Previously published as The Healing Miracle of Coconut Oil) ✓ cw-iuka-corinth PDF ] by Bruce Fife ✓ This book has good info, but is a bit outdated this book was first published in the 90 s and cites studies from this time It s such a shame that negative advertising against the tropical oils has driven the public and food manufacturing to the consumption and use of oils that s making so many Americans fat I m going to give coconut oil a try, although some of the author s claims seem too good to be true I m so annoyed I didn t come to the idea of using coconut cream and coconut oil as replacements for dairy products sooner I wish so much I had The coconut ice creams and hot chocolates and other dishes I have been making since reading this book, and others like it, are just delicious and so good for you as well I ve been going a bit coconut crazy I have to admit This book is just excellent If you aren t convinced that eating coconut oil, with its high level of HEALTHY saturated fat is good for you and wont make you gain weight, then I highly recommend either this book or Eat Fat, Lose Fat The other coconut books I have read also had far better recipe sections than this one the recipes in this book were its low point Don t believe the hype, extra virgin coconut oil is one of the healthiest foods you could ever eat, and it also has an anti viral effect which is be Use Nature S Elixir To Lose Weight, Prevent Heart Disease, Cancer, And Diabetes, And Beautify Skin And Hair Can Saturated Fat Be Good For You Natural Coconut Oil Not The Hydrogenated Version Often Found In Processed Foods Is A Saturated Fat, But Not The Kind Your Doctor Has Warned You About Studies Have Shown That This Uniquely Curative Oil Actually Has Innumerable Health Benefits Ranging From Disease Prevention To Anti Aging Now, In His Revised Edition Of The First Book To Describe The Therapeutic Properties Of Coconut Oil, Bruce Fife Offers A Nutrition Plan With Dozens Of Tasty Recipes That Will Allow Anyone To Experience The Healing Miracles Of What He Deems The Perfect Food When Taken As A Supplement, Used In Cooking, Or Applied To Directly To The Skin, Coconut Oil Has Been Found To Promote Weight Loss Help Protect Against Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Arthritis, And Many Other Degenerative Diseases Strengthen The Immune System Improve Digestion Prevent Premature Aging Of The Skin Pretty interesting book on a natural food source that has fallen out of vogue I thought it was odd that the only place I saw coconuts, coconut oil and coconut milk was at health food stores Whole Foods, Trader Joe s, etc Why would that be if it s not healthy to consume A friend of mine answered that question by providing this book to me I m glad he did.
While not the most articulate or eloquent piece of writing you ll run across, Fife takes the time to break down cocunut s history pushed out of the mainstream when saturated fats all fell under one umbrella and then became taboo as soy products and vegetable oils were being pushed , its differentiation from most fats MCFA s are becoming awidely researched nutrient in fight infections, cancer and viruses and its multiple uses Most eye catching to me despite the influx of soy products and the promotion of vegetable Part scare tactic, part hype, and heavily testimonial, but hidden within is a reasonable suggestion that coconut oil can be helpful in the prevention and treatment of health concerns If everyone attempted to follow Fife s advise the coconut fields would be overwhelmed and the price would rise to an impossible level I wonder if he is funded by the coconut and red palm industry I am already a coconut oil user and have used it to treat sinusitis with some success he did not mention my method I may follow some of his advise but will also keep heed his caveats even though he underplays them.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Coconut Oil Miracle Having been a proponent of the use of coconut oil myself, I found so many additional ways in which to incorporate it into my daily lifenot only in recipes, but also for hair and skin care There are several recipes in the back of the book that I plan on using, as well and I had no idea how much the soybean industry and our own government had brainwashed us, for many, many years, into believing that polyunsaturated fats were better for us than the tropical saturated fats, like coconut and palm kernel oils Sadly, much of our physical ills are a direct result of using those highly touted polyunsaturated fats in our diets Excellent book, in my opinion, and I ve been telling everyone I know to read it.
Oils saturated, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated.
these and so muchare discussed in this very informative book.
the nutritional and health benefits of coconut Also includes recipes to experience the healing miracles of the perfect food Well written, easy to understand, even the chapter that discusses the chemical make up of oils to support the scientific foundation I found this book informative and I had a better understanding of why some oils are good and others are bad.
My sister gave this book to me for my birthday, along with a jar of 100% virgin coconut oil, which I am about to try It is very interesting, though somewhat repetitive It is also a little hard to believe that coconut oil and other forms of coconut can be as good for a person as Bruce Fife claims I will know better just what it can do after I try some of the recipes, and perhaps use it on my skin and hair as suggested There are little stories of how other persons benefitted from the use of it, and there is the Coconut Research Center in Colorado as well.

Interesting how there was not one negative review here Come on think people don t be like sheep The book is skeptical Yes I m using coconut oil With every claim he makes I check the reference Mind you he failed completely to use not one footnote Proving his lack of scientific writing skills Editor is Not found Further when studies are done only in mice that does not by any means say same results will occur in humans Specifically on p 104 his, Skin elasticity test is so very bogus That test is a hydration test used in medical practice A child s skin will not retract well when dehydrated Yes it slows down with age but due to natural thinning of the skin All in all I failed to purchase a scientific book and that has me kicking myself R.
, B.
Anyone with any health problems, especially digestive issues, or who wants to best preserve the good health they do have, should take advantage of the wealth of great info research pesented in this book.
One of my children had had some physical behavioral symtoms that lead me to use a glutenfree casein free diet for awhile and a fish oil supplement , which helped a good deal, but there was still clearly a piece of the puzzle missing Coconut oil milk meat has been that piece It s potent healing properties are truly an every day miracle Plus the recipes for coconut cookies you can make them with agave sweetener instead of sugar and the curried cauliflower soup are supper tasty Highly recomended.

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