Download Epub Format ¾ The Cognoscentis Guide to Florence PDF by µ Louise Fili

Download Epub Format ¾ The Cognoscentis Guide to Florence PDF by µ Louise Fili All the best places to eat and shop in Florence, most owned by families for generations This is a most elegant little book.
Very good pocket sized reference book of various shops and eateries in Florence It s divided into eight separate walks among the different neighborhoods of Florence Interesting recommendations including inexpensive to moderately priced cafes, osterias, and restaurants as well as shops that I wouldn t have thought to investigate such as a hardware store It includes two indices, by speciality as well as by name and some practical information at the beginning of the book I m definitely going to make room for this little book on my travels.
Shop And Eat Like A Florentine With This Pocket Sized Guide To The Best Of The Magnificent Tuscan City Known For Its Art, Culture, And Cuisine Celebrated Graphic Designer And Self Described Italophile Louise Fili, With Connoisseur Of All Things Lisa Apatoff, Takes You On Eight Walks Through Florence, Discussing Than Seventy Of The City S Most Alluring Shops Some Run By The Same Families For Generations, Others Offering Young Entrepreneurs Fresh Interpretations Of Traditional TechniquesDiscerning Travelers Will Discover Rare books And Charming Hats Vintage Pucci And Handmade Shoes Cioccolata Da Bere Drinkable Chocolate Colorful Buttons And Bolts Of Rich Silk Fabric In This Enchanting Introduction To Makers And Purveyors Of Clothing, Home Decor, Accessories, Specialty Foods, And Much For Each Shop, There Is A Full Color Photo, Description Of Specialties, And Information On Location And Hours Of Operation If you are going to Florence and have any plans to shop, you definitely need this book It lists artisan shops for all sorts of products It includes everything from shops for silks and threads to other shops for the fabulous tapestries woven from them Fantastic, colorful housewares, pottery, tiles Soft leather gloves, jewelry, bespoke shoes, clothing and uniforms Perfumes, toiletries, beautifully decorated papers Violins Food shops of every description, and the authors favorite restaurants It includes maps that divide the city by region, making it easy to find locations The photography is also gorgeous I took lots of notes If you are not headed to Florence, this is still worth it for a luscious look at everything that is available It just could encourage yo A gorgeous guide to many of the city s hidden charms, including shops with treasures you don t need to buy to enjoy and that say so much about the city s style and culture The book is full of humor and fascinating facts and stories The photos are gorgeous and the book is small enough to fit in a coat pocket.
A great tiny little book of places to eat and shop in Florence, like a local Only one problem, if you visit Florence in August at least half of these places will be closed I guess that s what you get when you go local But I d definitely take this little tome back with me to Florence another time The recommendations go beyond the trendy.
Perfect size for my luggage lots of great tips for my upcoming trip I can t wait to read the guide to how to eat like a Florentine It s making me hungry just thinking about it.

Every restaurant, cafe and gelato shop we have tried from the recommendations here has been perfect I guess we are interested in the eating than shopping, but this book has led us to delicious destinations close to the museum of the day Grazi Easy to follow with excellent choicesI live in Italy and come to Florence often A friend and I recently spent 2 days following this guidebook and shopping to our hearts content.
We found the descriptions in the book accurate and the maps very easy to follow I loved it.

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