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Trailer ✓ The Complete Polly and the Wolf PDF by ä Catherine Storr I bought this a childhood favourite to pass on to a work colleague for her son but couldn t resist rereading it myself first It s a really funny and wonderfully feminist fairy tale, as Polly constantly outwits the wolf Their relationship is surprisingly sweet at times, with her having to rescue him at a few points perhaps most hilariously when he kidnaps her ultra demanding baby sister It s funny to think that just as Chuck Jones was creating the Wiley Coyote Roadrunner series in Los Angeles, that Catherine Storr was writing her Polly and the Wolf stories Both revolve around the same endlessly funny gag, but while Storr s tales are charming and charmingly illustrated , somehow, Wiley Coyote s saga seems universal.
Due to their voracious appetite, wolves have a nasty reputation in children s stories Three such examples are Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, and Peter and the Wolf Recently, I was introduced to a new set of stories that followed these same plot device of hungry wolf and innocent character trying not to be eaten It is entitled The Complete Polly and the Wolf Allow me to tell you a little bit about it.
The Complete Polly and the Wolf is a collection of four volumes of stories Clever Polly and the Stupid Wolf, Polly and the Wolf Again, Tales of Polly and the Hungry Wolf, and Last Stories of Polly and the Wolf The volumes were written by Dr Catherine Storr and were originally written for her daughter who was always afraid of a wolf under her bed There are 36 stories total in this collection, each no than a few pages Like most wolf stori

I read this when I was about nine, and loved the idea of a clever, kind girl constantly outsmarting a wolf who attempts new ways to capture and eat her Each chapter is a new episode where the wolf tries to capture her, often playing with well known fairy tales The author wrote it for her niece who was scared of wolves in fairy tales, but I feel like this goes further in helping children establish resilience.
The wolf is not just a threat to be outsmarted but frequently a forlorn figure on which you show compassion When Polly laughs at him, it is not unkindly, and when she is frightened she is still resourceful and calm.
We have the whole collection in this hardback edition, though reading through all four books in one go might be a little same y after a while I m currently reading the first book Clever Polly and the Stupid Wolf with my boy and it has a fairly hi Gwyn adored this collection of stories in which the wolf perpetually tries to eat Polly with the most ridiculous antics and she outwits him I found them a bit repetitive, but what do I know Thoroughly clever, fun, and laugh out loud funny The poor wolf The kind Polly, who is not quite kind enough to let herself be eaten by the wolf I immensely enjoyed reading these aloud to my 5th and 1st graders And they begged for the stories as well.
Cute funny stories to read aloud at bedtime.
When Catherine Storr S Daughter Was Very Small, She Was Afraid Of The Wolf Under Her Bed, So Every Night Her Mother Would Tell Her A Story In Which Polly Outwitted The Wolf These Bedtime Stories Eventually Became The Collection Clever Polly And The Stupid Wolf, A Wonderfully Thrilling And Reassuring Series Of Adventures In Which The Clever, Independent, And Unstoppable Polly Fools The Persistent, Hungry Young Wolf Time And Again In A Match Much Like Bugs Bunny And The Road Runner But Polite And Quick Witted, Polly And The Wolf Develop Ever Complicated Ways Of Turning The Tables On Each Other As They Grow Older And, In Polly S Case At Least, Wiser Three Collections Of Stories Followed The original Clever Polly, All Hilariously Inventive Variations On A Much Loved Theme, And All Of The Stories Are Collected Here For The First Time The first couple stories are interesting and funny seeing how Polly outwits the wolf But reading one story after another, well, gets a bit old I would suggest pacing yourself on this compilation because it is a fun read.
Super funny MT finished in two days Every day he is back from school he would say oh that polly book and rushed to read it The book features a rather stupid wolf so stupid that I sometimes have sympathy on it.

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