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¹ The Condemned ✓ Download by ¼ Noah Cicero Noah Cicero S The Condemned Is Surely One Of The Most Important books Of The Year The Second To Be Published By The Acclaimed Author A Series Of Unforgettable Images Of The Lives, Loves And Hates Of Many Inhabitants Of Youngstown Ohio Beautiful, Maddening Obscenely Funny While I hate to deride any author who makes a serious effort, and try to avoid books not to my tastes, several people I respect recommended this, but I just cannot find the genius alleged within these pages An extreme minimalist style, one sentence per paragraph, like reportage She does this He says that.
It s foul and full of the unlikable characters of its namesake While it does have scattered moments of insight in its brevity, to me it mostly just reads like adolescent misanthropy, relying too much on shock value.
my fave story was the first one, The Warrior.
here are some parts i liked from the book And at the moment of my birth, a man came and pointed a gun right at my head They knew the whole time the gun was there, but they gave birth to me anyway Because the gun was pointed at their heads also Perhaps prostitution wouldn t exist i f women and men were apprenticed by their parents and society to enjoy sex as an activity, not an institution When a person screams in pain, the actual pain is only half the noise they make The other half is the terror at being forced to accept that they exist.
I was a little disappointed by this book If it hadn t been so short 116 pages , I don t think I would have finished it I d call it a series of vignettes and monologues, which often focus on sex and or drugs, and how people with harsh lives must resort to those kinds of things However, during much of the book, it just felt like episode after episode of the narrator picking up hookers, dudes in adult theaters, etc It just kind of sucked I think ultimately my problem may have been that the writing just wasn t as good as I thought it would be Little subtlety or color, and too repetitive That was probably on purpose, but I think it made for a weaker read.
I really wanted to like this book Although the subject matter was a little twisted I was surprised and disappointed that the underlying voice was incredibly cliche and I just couldn t get past that.
My fav of Noah s books I ve read so far Sex, drugs, and money but without any glorification People without self esteem, purpose meaning, or love Everything seems bleak The final story, Civilization, is a beautiful montage of hopelessness I like Noah best when his political philosophical whatever content is blended integrated smoothly with the voices of his characters it can sound preachy lecturey when they are separate That s what he does here I liked this because it showed how people without power or money find dignity and pleasure I particularly liked the parts where Carmen Capri got fucked in the ass and sucked cock.
savage I know I m inviting a lot of criticism by saying this, but I think the work of Cicero and similar writers new minimalists or whoever who always par down the language to the lowest common denominator instead of, say, the lowest word count could really benefit from using language that would come closer to saying what they mean I think Cicero is wise and I think what he has to say is sometimes nuanced than Rich people don t love anything, or But fuck, if you re going go somewhere weird You should be weird too Although, I hope these adages soon become age old When his craft catches up to his content, he will be unstoppable.
Fuckin A.

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