Download Epub Format Å The Corporate Dominatrix: Six Roles to Play to Get Your Way at Work PDF by Þ Lisa Robyn

Download Epub Format Å The Corporate Dominatrix: Six Roles to Play to Get Your Way at Work PDF by Þ Lisa Robyn Written for women, but equally infomative for men Should prove to be an intriguing read for those interested in the interplay of power, gender roles, corporate culture and interpersonal psychology.
What can I say, this is a powerful book without being Machiavellian A truly Machiavellian book would be grating The concepts or female figureheads documented are Queen, Goddess, Governess Nurse and Schoolgirl It gave me a better understanding of power dynamics and not be angered when someone pulls that on me off guard Reading this, it has helped me identify the general roles people play during interactions, and the book has also helped me understand that people are not one dimensional but a hotpot of personalities and feelings I have not truly imbibed the girls into my psyche, but I am trying to slowly let it sink in.
This is a great resource for women dealing with a complex power system at the workplace some situations are complex than others I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and identifying with certain roles.
This was a great place to start when you re less new to being an adult, and you have to learn the language of being in an office corporate America It helps females cope and use their strengths added insight to trek through harsh realities of corporate life unscathed.
I thought this book was just okay It didn t give information that I thought was useful It was a lot of examples in my opinion.
A few good tidbits here and there.
Really interesting theory about women s unique abilities in the workplace.
The Corporate Dominatrix Exposes The Workplace For What It Truly Is A Social Sadomasochistic Wonderland One In Which Some People Have Power And Some Do Not, Thus Creating An Unbalanced Command And Control Dynamic Using The Psychological Tools Of The Professional Dominatrix, Lisa Robyn Shows Women How To Role Play Their Way To Success By Employing The Tactics Of Six Mistress Archetypes Goddess, Queen Governess, Nurse, And Schoolgirl For A Dominatrix In Everyday Life, The Key To Effectiveness Lies In Being Switchable Knowing When To Be Firm And Direct And When To Be Flexible And Accommodating The Corporate Dominatrix Dominates Without Being Domineering And Is Submissive Without Being Subservient She Stands Up For Her Rights In An Open And Straightforward Way, And She Is Confident Enough To Intuit What Her Clients Or Colleagues Want And She Responds Accordingly Robyn Provides A Compelling Strategy For Women To Get Their Way At Work By Choosing The Appropriate Role To Fit The Particular Situation, While Always Behaving In A Professional Manner That Earns Respect Filled With Examples And Practical Tips, This Provocative Business Book Will Help Every Businesswoman Advance To The Position She Wants And Truly Become The Mistress Of Her Domain Power Becomes You Use It Wisely

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