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☆ Read ↠´ The Dead Past by Tom Piccirilli ë Good Surprise ending Will readof his.
Welcome To Felicity Grove This Upstate New York Village Is As Small As It Is Peaceful But Somehow Jonathan Kendrick S Eccentric Grandma Anna Always Manages To Find Trouble Crime, Scandal, You Name It This Wheelchair Bound Senior Citizen Is Involved So When The Phone Rings AtAm In Jonathan S New York City Apartment, He Knows To Expect Some Kind Of Dilemma But Anna S Outdone Herself This Time She S Stumbled Across A Dead Body In Her Trash Can This is another great book by Tom Piccirilli I love his books original and enjoyable.

This is a charming cozy that is part of a Felicity Grove mystery series Jonathan Kendrick and his grandmother, Anna, are afflicted with a nosiness that is almost terminal when it comes to solving murder mysteries We have plenty of witty repartees, which sometimes go on a bit too long Jonathan is haunted by past traumas, which have worked to make him and his grandma famous in the little town This rounds out the characters and it serves to invite the reader to investigate previous books in this series Sort of a built in advertisement that is almost overdone The read is clever and entertaining, with its odd actors Names of characters are as numerous as trees in a forest, but somehow we manage to stay focused and occasionally surprised at the turn of events This is a quick, light read.
I enjoyed this book I ve read other books by this author but never a mystery I didn t even know he had written mysteries This book had a Miss Marple quality to it in nosiness and an inability to let anything go It gave me clues but nothing glaringly obvious and kept me guessing to the end It started a bit slow then seemed to really wrap up fast, almost as if the author suddenly decided to quicken the pace of the book Good library read but nothing i d buy.

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