↠´ The Dead Won't Sleep ↠´ Download by ↠´ Anna Smith

↠´ The Dead Won't Sleep ↠´ Download by ↠´ Anna Smith The Body Of A Young Teenage Hooker Is Found Washed Up On A Beach Near Glasgow This Is Glasgow In The S She S Just Another Dead Heroin Addict But Tracey Eadie Was Only Years Old Came From A Children S Home In Glasgow One Of Tracey S Friends Contacts Rosie Gilmour, A Tabloid Journalist, She Can T Ignore The Story 3.
5 starsStrong first book in a series set in Glasgow featuring investigative reporter Rosie Gilmour The author herself is an award winning journalist, giving her fictional character a credible base The second book already is on my TBR list.
Okay, okay, this one was good very good indeed.
I have been to Glasgow once To a concert Didn t stay the night Headed back to Edinburgh that night It has a bit of reputation of being a rough town And, perchance, the night we were there, some fucking wanker murdered a trainee Irish nurse and tried to dispose of her body in a quite horrifying way So my preconceived notions about Glasgow are not that goodSon who is studying in Edinburgh, visits there regularly for concerts, football, etc He thinks it is a great city What do I know We are heading there in December for a concert so maybe my notion of Glasgow will change Swallowing another mouthful of the gin and tonic, she also resolved to stop the booze for one month Maybe next month I know what you mean, Rosie What a fucking mess what a right fucking mess Quite depressing this one was

A shockingly tough and brutal crime drama that keeps both the reader and main protagonist journalists Rosie Gilmour clambering for the guilty to be condemned.
This riveting late 90 s Glasgow set novel certainly doesn t shy away from tough subject matters, with both underage prostitution and drug addiction at the fore front of this story.
I liked that we know from the very opening who the guilty party are and what role they played in 14 year old Tracy Eadie s body been found washed up in the sea.
It s her friend Mag s who tips Rosie of as she seeks justice.
I really grew to like Mag s, it was so sad to see how her drug addiction had lead her into a downward spiral.
As Rosie continues to pursue the story, this novel gave a fascinating insight into w I keep getting told by FB followers that I MUST read Anna Smith and that her books are brilliant Sadly, my to read list is stupidly long which means authors whose books I have on my Kindle, can sometimes sit there undiscovered for months Anna Smith is one such author What an idiot I felt once I d finished this book, her debut novel As soon as I was finished, I immediately downloaded her second book, and have her third release firmly in the calendar 31st Jan 2013 for anybody interested.
The synopsis sounded great before I had even started the book, but once I got going I was in for a treat It s Glasgow in the 1990s and when the body of a young girl washes up on a beach, people don t pay much attention It s just another dead junkie, except the media gets hold of the fact that the victim Tracey Eadie was just 14 years old and was meant to be in the safety of a children s home The

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