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[ Read Online The Dunderheads Æ young-adult-historical-fiction PDF ] by Paul Fleischman Æ Dunderheads, Unite A Tyrannical Teacher Gets Her Just Due In A Delightfullysubversive, Outrageously Funny Tale By Newbery Medal Winner Paul FleischmanMiss Breakbone Hates Kids Especially The Time Squandering, Mindwandering, Doodling, Dozing Dunderheads In Her Class But When She Confiscates Junkyard S Crucial Fi Nd, She Fi Nally Goes Too Far Enter Wheels And His Souped Up Bike With Forty Eight Extra Gears , Pencil Who Can Draw Anything From Memory , Spider Look Up And You Ll Fi Nd Him , And Their Fellow Misfi Ts In A Spectacular Display Of Teamwork Aimed At Teaching Miss Breakbone A Lesson She Won T Soon Forget From The Incomparable Paul Fleischman Comes A Winning Cast Of Underdogs And One Of The Most Terrifying Teachers You Ll Ever Meet Brought To Vivid Life In David Roberts S Quirky, Hilarious Illustrations Miss Breakbone is an evil teacher to rival Miss Trunchbull or Viola Swamp She gives herself a gold star every time she makes a kid cry And she thinks her students are just dunderheads But when Miss Breakbone crosses the line, the so called Dunderheads decide to get back what s theirs This is a fun book that kids will pore over, soaking up every interesting detail in the illustrations I d gladly hand it to fans of Roald Dahl or the Black Lagoon series It s a little than a picture book, but a little less than a chapter book, so I m not sure where you d shelve it and it ll probably need some hand selling But I think the kids who do pick it up will be drawn in by the multi talented dunderheads elaborate plan for revenge.
This book was a pleasant surprise, I didn t think I would enjoy it half as much as I did The villan in the book is Miss Breakbone who reminded me of Miss Trunchable from Matilda She liked to confiscate childrens possessions and make them cry Then one day the children she so completely underestimated at the start of the year, all make a plan to get some special possessions and return them to their owners.
The book is about each of the individual children within the text having their own unique talents which help them pull off the break in to Miss Breakbones house.
Lovely text with great detailed illustrations From my blog Of books and Boys Who was the worst, the meanest, teacher you ever had I once knew one that made a girl clean up her own mess when she got sick in class A first grader And another mountain of a man who d bellow from the front table anytime he thought someone wasn t paying attention Paul Get up here Bring your notebook And if that notebook wasn t word for word synced with the overhead transparency, he d tear it up and roar, Get out of here F for the day And the poor kid would find himself with an extra, impromptu study hall.
Well, those two have nothing on Miss Breakbone from Paul Fleischman s The Dunderheads Miss Breakbone has a real alligator for her alligator bag She decorates her classroom with pictures of vicious predators She gives herself gold stars when she makes kids cry She has an electric chair And, according to Miss Breakbone, she has never taught such a scraping This book reminds me of a kid version of Ocean s Eleven.
The Dunderheads was a light hearted picture book that reminded me of Ocean s 11 but with children Each student was nicknamed for their special talent and worked together to break into the evil teacher s house to take back the precious cat she had stolen from one of her students Through their seeking of justice we are reminded that every individual is intelligent in different and unique ways The lessons learned are never judge and never underestimate A fun and fast read.
i think it was good Reading Comics shouldn t be seen as an act of rebellion and reading Picture books post second grade shouldn t be a source of embarrassment Especially with the works of Shaun Tan residing so comfortably on grown up shelves Course, it doesn t hurt when the book isn t formatted for two laps and is popularly categorized as a graphic novel The daughter newly 11 and I huddled over the pages of Paul Fleischman authored and David Roberts illustrated The Dunderheads a wonderful hybrid read for those of us who still love picture books after we ve become proficient readers and avid fans of the comic form.
The Dunderheads is narrated by the boy who sits at his desk with a chess set, Einstein It is obvious he is familiar with strategy, understanding how to make the diverse pieces at hand wor Sid Fleischman s last book In any event, perceptive as always, and clever I don t usually love a story that s too lopsided in the kids vs the grownups dept You know those stories that glorify the talents of the kids in contrast to the idiotically behaving grownups in their lives However, my memories of an awful, angry, and utterly unfair and inflexible junior high senior high substitute teacher fit quite nicely into the mold of Miss Breakbone, Fleischman s very unlikeable teacher If you ve ever had a teacher like that and I hope you haven t , you root for The Dunderheads , the students whose collective talents trump Miss Breakbone s and score a big gotcha back in their quest to repossess one of the student s possessions Whimsically illustrated, juxtaposing black, white, and grey against color for effect, and creating it s o The Dunderheads by Paul Fleischman and illustrated by David RobertsThis book is about a group of students, The Dunderheads, as the teacher has branded them, who are constantly victimized by their cruel teacher, Miss Breakbone Miss Breakbone specializes in making the children cry, and taking their beloved things One day, she decided to not only take Theodore s Junkyard magnifying glass, but also a one eared cat he had found as a birthday present for his mother This was the last straw and the kids set out to teach Miss Breakbone a lesson The rest of the book follows them as they make a plan to get their things back Each child has a unique skill set And when they all work together as a team, utilizing all of these special skills, t

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