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☆ Read Ô The Essential Supernatural by Nicholas Knight Ñ I love it 3 I have the first coffee table book they put out, but I have not read it yet This new and revised edition is awesome They have a synopsis of each season I really love all of the postcards, stickers, maps etc throughout the book Of course, I will never tear them out This is a great book for all fans of the show and all things Winchester Fill A Flask With Holy Water And Make Sure Your Car Is Stocked With Rock Salt And Shot Guns, You Re About To Drive Headfirst Into The World Of Sam And Dean Winchester, Hunters Of Demons, Ghouls, Vampires, And All Things Supernatural Take A Comprehensive And Exhaustively Detailed Look At The Hit Warner Bros And CW TV Show, Now In Its Seventh Season, From An Insider S Perspective This Deluxe Coffee Table Book Dissects The Show Season By Season, State By State, Tracing The Winchester Brothers As They Travel Across The US In Their Distinctive Chevy Impala Hunting All Things That Go Bump In The Night While Seeking Ways To Keep Humanity Safe From All Sorts Of Otherworldly Threats Illustrated With Behind The Scenes Photos, Exclusive Production Art, Posters, Maps, Blueprints, And Other Elements, And Packed With Exclusive Cast And Crew Interviews, Plus A Foreword From The Show S Creator, This Is The Ultimate Visual Guide For Supernatural And Its Legions Of Fans Loved it Fabulous Loved it Fabulous Now I ve fantastic pics of my favorite brothers, I m a very happy girl Want.
sobadly drools This is going on my Christmas list like, right now Emailing mom emails Wirklich ein Buch f r Hardcore Fans der Serie Ich fand es super Allerdings waren die Staffelzusammenfassungen ber mehrere Seiten manchmal ein wenig zu vielSehr cool sind die Postkarten, Aufkleber und herausnehmbaren Landkarten, die man zwischendurch immer wieder findet.
A lot of people have flailed about this book, and since it s an impressive coffee table book with goodies inside and since I don t own any of the other SPN compendiums I decided to spring for it on special And it s actually pretty awesome Of course, at this point, we need another coffee table for all our coffee table books It s kind of silly to tout it as an episode guide, considering SPN marketing tends to release those per season, but there is an episode guide within Of course, there s a myriad other goodies, like Chuck s book covers, an air freshener, postcards, bestiary, map, and many BTS pics It s big, and it s gorgeous Given that the show is now in its ninth season, this isn t complete die hard fans may want to pass and wait for the next edition Dedicated collectors won t want to miss it, though.

A beautiful book But the devout fan who will buy it knows 3 4 of the info they could have really put interesting in depth information inside The extras are cool but they tear the pages they are glued to when you try to get them off Basically it s just a gorgeous picture book But I m fine with staring at the boys in full glossy color.
Letztes Jahr habe ich die Supernatural TV Serie f r mich entdeckt Ich wei , ich wei , viel zu sp t und ich sch me mich f rmlich, gerade als Fantasy Fan Dennoch hatte ich das Gl ck dadurch alle Staffeln am St ck zu schauen und mich nicht durch ewig lange Wartezeiten auf die Folgestaffel zerm rben zu lassen Als neu erkorenes Supernatural Fangirl habe ich nat rlich gleich das Internet nach brauchbaren Supernatural Fanartikeln durchsucht und bin auf dieses grandiose Begleitbuch zur TV Serie gesto en Besonders als Leses chtige freut Frau sich eben ber solche fantastische Schmankerl zu ihren Lieblingsserien So werden gleich beide Hobbys miteinander verkn pft, u erst praktisch.
Nicholas Knights Die Welt von Sam und Dean Winchester ist im Panini Verlag erschienen Den bezaubernden Panini This is a stunning paratext, one that both explores and expands the world and mythology of Supernatural while at the same time providing a great deal of behind the scenes perspective Those two trajectories may seem contradictory, but if you re a person in firm grasp of reality and are aware it s all a fiction, it works, mainly because it s the kind of show that leaves you wanting of anything, any scrap and this book delivers on two fronts It s beautifully designed, overlarge and full of glossy photos and interviews with cast and crew, and it goes further by including a good deal of ephemera some collectible type stuff, glossy cardstock pictures of the cast, a sheet of stickers featuring various symbols used in the show but some is strictly paratextual, such as postcards from the crummy motels the boys frequent, a guide to hunting demons, a sealed pouch of documents that

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