Trailer µ Canyons of the Colorado PDF by ☆ John Wesley Powell

Trailer µ Canyons of the Colorado PDF by ☆ John Wesley Powell One armed Civil War veteran and geographer scientist anthropologist floats the heretofore unexplored and unmapped Canyons of the Colorado Green Rivers on wooden boats in 1869 There is adventure galore here, although it is sometimes understated canyons roaring with spring runoff, the mammoth rapids of a truly untamed river, flash floods, the specter of starvation, and the constant fear about what might be found around the next bend of the canyon.
Descriptions of the scenery and overall lay of the land are unbelievably accurate and reveal Powell s attention to detail and grasp of the geologic process The book starts with a few chapters explaining the geography of the ENTIRE Colorado Green River watershed, from the mountains of Wyoming and Colorado all the way down to Mexico encompassing lands of 7 states These descriptions are fascin Pretty great The whole thing is good as an adventure story, as history, as a look at the geography and people of the Grand Canyon and environs circa 1870 The last chapter, ostensibly on the geology of the Grand Canyon, but also a poetic reminiscence by a one armed Civil War veteran about the place he loved than any other, is worth it on its own I doubt there s another geological treatise quite like it.
I should add that the illustrations photographs, drawings, and woodcuts dating from the 1800s are fantastic There must be over a hundred of them, depicting the landscapes, the geology, the native people, their homes, and their crafts.
One Of The Great Works Of American Exploration Literature, This Account Of A Scientific Expedition Forced To Survive Famine, Attacks, Mutiny, And Some Of The Most Dangerous Rapids Known To Man Remains As Fresh And Exciting Today As It Was In The Exploration Of The Colorado River And Its Canyons , Recently Ranked Number Four On Adventure Magazine S List Of Top Classics, Is Legendary Pioneer John Wesley Powell S First Person Account Of His Crew S Unprecedented Odyssey Along The Green And Colorado Rivers And Through The Grand Canyon A Bold Foray Into The Heart Of The American West S Final Frontier, The Expedition Was Achieved Without Benefit Of Modern River Running Equipment, Supplies, Or A Firm Sense Of The Region S Perilous Topography And The Attitudes Of The Native Inhabitants Towards WhitesFor Than Seventy Years, Penguin Has Been The Leading Publisher Of Classic Literature In The English Speaking World With Than , Titles, Penguin Classics Represents A Global bookshelf Of The Best Works Throughout History And Across Genres And Disciplines Readers Trust The Series To Provide Authoritative Texts Enhanced By Introductions And Notes By Distinguished Scholars And Contemporary Authors, As Well As Up To Date Translations By Award Winning Translators While reading this epic adventure, you are forced to remind yourself that John Wesley Powell had lost his right arm at the Battle of Shiloh You have to keep reminding yourself, because I believe that he only references the fact once or twice, as he s scrabbling up sheer rock faces, and frantically paddling to keep his small boat free of boulders and cliff walls as it s careening through rapids The entire mad expedition, to map the unnavigable Green River to its confluence with the Grand River, which form the even unnavigable Colorado River, was made with no financial incentive, and was virtually unsubsidized It was made simply to acquire knowledge of the region s geography.
I had a few problems with this edition The first problem is the book s first hundred pages, in which Powell give There is a reason this book is classic of natural history.
I didn t think I was going to like it though This book was written under a direct order from congress that threatened to pull JW Powell s funding if he did not write a book detailing for the general public the history of this historic trip to map for the first time, the course of the Green and Colorado Rivers and the Grand Canyon The result of that direct order from congress is The Exploration of the Colorado River and Its Canyons Written by John Wesley Powell, a maimed civil war veteran and geologist whose primary task in exploring the Grand Canyon and running the Green and Colorado rivers was scientific in nature His plan was to map the canyon the last unmapped portion of the contiguous US at the time and take readings of canyon depth, rock type etc There were some portions of the book that I m only reviewing it as an audiobook The story was very interesting but I couldn t get past the terrible narration Unfortunate because it s a great story.
If you are interested in the geology, ethnology, and exploration of the American West you ll enjoy this book by the one armed civil war veteran John Wesley Powell What I found particularly amazing was JWP s detailed geologic explanations in the first few sections It shows what a memory the guy had as well as his ability to take great field notes despite the growling stomach and constant threat of death If you don t care at all about rock formations, then skip the section on geology and enjoy the adventure story and history lesson that follows It s well worth it My only gripe is I wish he would have spent a few sentences on his travel companions.
This book, published in 1875, is the travel journal of John Wesley Powell, a professor of geology at a small college in Illinois It tells his story of two trips through the canyons of Colorado River in the 1860s and 1870s It is no literary masterpiece but Powell does rise to feats of descriptive beauty from time to time as he relates the adventures of his 9 person party boating down the Colorado The man had uncommon stamina and courage A civil war veteran whose arm was amputated after a battle wound, he pushed, pulled, rowed and climbed his way down a visciously dangerous river valley at a time when adventure gear was primitive to say the least I bought the book at a gift shop near Bryce Canyon Utah during a trip through some the National Parks I had walked along the south rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizo

The Chasm of the Colorado 1873 74 by Thomas Moran National Portrait Gallery, Washington, DCPage 328 my book Years later I visited the same spot with my friend Thomas Moran From this world of wonder he selected a section which was the most interesting to him and painted it That painting, known as The Chasm of the Colorado If anyone will look upon that picture, and then realize that it was but a small part of the landscape before us The landscape is too vast, too complex, too grand for verbal description.
With all due respect to the very intrepid explorer, John Wesley Powell, this record of his travels is on the dry side it is devoid of emotion and introspection.
There are a few pages that express exhilaration on what must have been a tremendous passage through these canyons I have visited the southwest U.
S and the Grand Canyon, and can I read this because I was planning a trip down the Colorado, and it was worth reading to learn about Wesley s expedition his was the first group of white people to explore this territory and it was such a dangerous trip So for those planning to do the Grand Canyon, I recommend it But his writing style is so ponderous everything is in the passive voice that I can t really recommend it just for reading if you are not planning to go there, unless you are into the exploration genre.

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