Ì The Five Giants: a biography of the welfare state ☆ Download by ✓ Nicholas Timmins

Ì The Five Giants: a biography of the welfare state ☆ Download by ✓ Nicholas Timmins Absolutely loved this My notes are too long for goodreads here s the first section of themIntroduction One theme which repeatedly emerges is the law of unintended consequences that decisions taken for the best of motives will often go awry Beveridge s conversion to means testing started by knowing that otherwise families with lots of children would be better off not working interesting how not much changes over time The 1834 poor law came at a time when poverty was seen as something to be punished That meant Poor Relief had no intent to preven poverty, only to avert starvation I m the 30s local authorities were responsible for unemployment benefits This was then moved to national gov, which ensured a muchconsistent offer but meant local gov stopped caring much about the unemployed because they no longer had It sure looks like a shallow endeavor The cover with the man writing about a lot of threes, and needing only one job is cute, and emotional Yet from the first pages it become a work of sensationalism Hence eightpence magically becomes under 2p And the Welfare State starts somehow with a bloke born in the 19th century British Raj with a lots of servants that is somehow very relevant Later on, the reader discovers the Welfare State means it is only a British Affair the others The text itself is a mess I have no idea if Timmins lacks the intelligence to structure his data, or he is going for mesmerising the readership So Chapter 1 opens with In June 1941 to reach in a few pages May 1940 When Churchill became Prime Minister One by one, Keynes and the others were absorbed into Whitehall as part of the flood of acade The best way to describe this is exhaustive It isn t one book, it feels like 3 or 4 books in one Most of it is readable and clear, but it is extremely long It will tell you everything you could possibly want to know about the welfare state andAfter a while, I found it becoming a slog and started reading other books to give a change of pace.
This is a four star book in that it s by far the most comprehensive history of the British welfare state that exists, but is probably only a 3 star in that it simply tries to do too much The extent of research and expertise which Timmins brings is remarkable, but it s near impossible to get through even for someone who is aware of the history without getting lost in the volume of detail that he provides on each policy area across each Premiership Although you re left with a good understanding of the different themes and dominant strains of thinking across each period, it still risks leaving readers with a great understanding of the individual trees, but less of the wood.
A grand attempt at a comprehensive account of the whole of the NHS In its early chapters it is magisterial What lets it down is the excessively detailed account of post 60s, particularly the contortions it forms to present Conservative legislation as positive I suspect this is due to the author maintaining contacts with many of the people involved and aiming to be fair to them The result however is somewhat tedious as there is seemingly endless change, which is rarely for the better but he puts the most positive gloss possible on it.
I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand modern Britain With journalistic eloquence, Timmins offers a detailed and balanced account of the evolution on the welfare state He eschews ideological fixity, and critiques the rigid assumptions of left and right There was no Golden Age of welfare during which the five giants were slain, as per the false memory of the left Nor did the welfare state enfeeble a previously tall and proud civilisation, as per the Correlli Barnett formula Instead, ministers and officials and muddled through in a typically British fashion.
The new chapters in the updated version are written in the same style, although they feelrushed than the earlier chapters, which givetime to the ideological shifts and conflicts underpinning th Good A Copy That Has Been Read, But Remains In Clean Condition All Pages Are Intact, And The Cover Is Intact Including Dust Cover, If Applicable The Spine May Show Signs Of Wear Pages Can Include Limited Notes And Highlighting, And The Copy Can Include From The Library Of LabelsSome Of Our books May Have Slightly Worn Corners, And Minor Creases To The Covers Please Note The Cover May Sometimes Be Different To The One Shown Five GiantsI chose this rating because even though this is very hard going it is worth the effort It gives a full and vivid account of all the players and is very informative.

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