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[ Pdf The Further Adventures of Xena: Warrior Princess ☆ nursing PDF ] by Martin H. Greenberg × This Ultimate Collection For Fans Of The Syndicated TV Series Xena Warrior Princess , Ending After Six Seasons In August Features All New original Stories By Of Fantasy S Best Known Authors Who Bring Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer, Ares, And A Host Of Olympians Back To Life In These Adventures Authors Include Jennifer Roberson, Diane Duane, Melissa Good, Greg Cox, And Others SkipA book to pass up I was a fan of the television show and enjoyed the tongue in cheek The on screen sarcasm did not translate to the stories which are disjointed and don t hold any real humor or interest.
This book is amazing I love all of the stories, and have re read it numerous times Like most anthologies, this is uneven There are a few stories that are pretty terrible and also a few that are really excellent I really liked the pieces by Greg Cox and Keith R.
A DeCandido They clearly know the Xenaverse well and their stories add something to it Honourable mentions go to Diane Duane and Josepha Sherman The collection finishes strong with Melissa Good s simple but charming story.
It was fun to read Just like the show was fun to watch.
I enjoyed my look into the continuing journeys of Xena and Gabrielle I was a fan of the series and this brought back my remembrances of it The authors captured the feel of the stories.
A good read for those who like sword and sandal stories This book does this very well Long live Xena What an amazing read I picked up this book after I began rewatching Hercules The Legendary Journeys and I am so glad that I did It is like reliving all of these amazing adventures you had with Xena and Gabrielle only to find out that there are so many amazing tales that have yet to have been told and have yet to have been learned I have so many favorites, but my top 3 favorite short stories are A Weapon of Flesh and Bone , Leaving the Past Behind , and Bard and Breakfast There are all the classic adventures with the characters we all know and love Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer, Salmoneus, Ares, Aphrodite, and Eve There are adventures with the Olympian Gods, creatures, there are stories of comedy, love, fate, life and death, and stories that bring you full circle to where one began I love stories and I have always loved this show as it doesn t just stay at the surface Like any anthology, it s uneven But the stories that shine really lift up the effort Diane Duane s When They Bear Gifts really has the voices of Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer and Aphrodite down, and puts it together in a story that really comes together Greg Cox s Bard and Breakfast is a scary adventure in which Gabrielle s ability to talk her way out of trouble is put to the test Josepha Sherman s Argonaut is a pithy tale with Argo as the hero And David Bischoff s The Tenth Wonder of the World gives us the meddling gods and a pro wrestling match at the center Xena s exploits I confess, the closing piece, Leaving the Past Behind, was unexpectedly charming Melissa Good shows her writing chops with by sharing with us Xena s softer side, without being maudlin at all It s a shame this the only collection of this nature There are a lot Xena and Gabrielle st Short stories about established characters are tricky Even when they are written by a group of established fantasy writers these are all good stories, but every now and again, you hit something that takes you out of the story, a description or action that s out of tune Fortunately these moments are few in this collection.
So I stopped about 2 3 of the way through when I got to a story that read like a Superman Stargate Xena crossover Also, the library book happened to be due But it was a seriously weird story Some egg capsule thing falls out of the sky with a baby in it that Xena and Gabrielle grab and then they have to get it to the top of some mountain and all of a sudden there s flying pyramids and Egyptian gods And it was just trippy There were a few interesting stories in here, but mostly they were pretty mediocre to bad Some of them might have benefited from being on the screen, but some were just not salvageable.

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