↠´ The Good Life Handbook É Download by ✓ Chuck Chakrapani

↠´ The Good Life Handbook É Download by ✓ Chuck Chakrapani This book is excellent I find when I m stewing over a problem,than once I v pages through this book and been able to find something relevant to read that has let me feelat peace.
Good, concise summary of stoicismFor those of us dealing with difficult life situations, this is a good way to organize ones thoughts I ve never believed in using twenty words where ten will do, and neither, apparently, did Epictetus A gift from across the centuries.
The Good Life Handbook Is A Rendering Of Enchiridion In Plain English It Is A Concise Summary Of The Teachings Of Epictetus, As Transcribed And Later Summarized By His Student Flavius Arrian The Handbook Is A Guide To The Good Life It Answers The Question, How Can We Be Good And Live Free And Happy, No Matter What Else Is Happening Around Us Ancient Stoics Lived In A Time Of Turmoil Under Difficult Conditions So, The Solutions They Found To Living Free Was Tested Under Very Stringent Conditions For Example, The Author Of This Handbook Was A Lame Slave Who Made Himself Free And Happy Later In Life By Following The Principles Set Out In This Book Epictetus Chuck Chakrapani What an intro to stoicism I first tried listening to Marcus Aurelius Meditations on audiobook and a similar short style made it hard to digest what he was saying Then when readingabout Stoicism I saw this book for free download It s the perfect, easy to understand starting point I shall next turn to Meditations.
Precious, encapsulated age old wisdom to guide one through life.
This contemporary language paraphrase of the Enchiridion is muchaccessible than other translations I have read Epictetus s ideas can be expressed simply, and I was pleased to find what I was looking for an Enchiridion readable enough to give to teenagers, still true to the ideas in the book.
Very clear and concise translations of the brilliant wisdom dispensed by Epictetus

This is a nice translation of Epictetus, one of the philosophers Marcus Aurelius took to heart It s a short read and a number of the pages aren t even full pages of text I m always hesitant to dig into any classical philosophy because I remember trying to read Plato s The Republic and, boy golly, is that thing a slog This is the opposite of that Clean, concise, and straightforward.
I think I highlighted the majority of this book So much of this can be applied to today s world, especially this particular week with the inauguration I also see it echoed in today s mindfulness and meditation movement, and similar wisdom has also been mentioned in my yoga classes An inspiring read and one I plan to go back to whenever I need a little reminder that I can only control what I do, not what the world around me doesEve This is a plain English translation of the Enchiridion, but what that means in practice is that it reads like How to Win Friends and Influence People Stoic Edition It s definitely easy to read, but a lot of the detail is lost in the translation It really seems like this was written as a business or self help version of the text, which I suppose may be because the translator appears to be a business person rather than someone with philosophical training Fine for what it is, but I d rather have a serious edition of Epictetus work.

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