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[ Read Online The Greek's Convenient Wife (Harlequin Presents) Ò words PDF ] by Melanie Milburne ï Kitab n konusu u Karde in teknemi bat rm Hemen evlenmeliyiz Evet, mant ks z A nicely done blackmail because of your delinquent brother trope The H was a bit of a tosser He forces the h to marry him because he blames her delinquent teenaged brother for sinking his one point five million dollar yacht The h, a real sassy pants, agrees to the marriage to save her brother from jail The H treats her like she s the criminal but she fights back every chance she gets Turns out, the H was wrong about all his assumptions and has to do some groveling Not enough imho, but the h seemed happy enough An enjoyable read I really liked the h Her brother and the H were idiots, but they eventually redeemed themselves.
Melanie Milburne writes some really good Greek Australian alpha males, who fall in love, using blackmail is not above their means in getting the gorgeous, feisty and in dire straits Australian heroine into their beds This story is one of thosebillionaire sexy Greek forces the heroine to marry him by using his means to have her poor brother go to prison.
I started off not really hitting it off with either h hshe was such a whinger and whiner and I had no idea why he needed a wife so desperately Anyway, Demetrius takes Madison to his villa in the outback.
and that s when I really got into the story.
but the first half nah,did not do anything for me.
Despite my initial feelings, it did turn out to be a sweet and romantic HEA Harlequin bata na sapland m, kam yorum Passionate forced marriage romance Very feisty but vulnerable heroine and as it is expected from MM hero is sex on legs Enjoyed their chemistry and their playful flirty banter

Typical Alpha male who takes advantage of the heroine who protects her brother when he tries to damage the yacht of the hero The hero is a user who thinks he has all the answers and shows no concern for others Some passion but nothing special and no compassion for the virgin bride The secondary male characters with the hero are not very likeable.
Years ago, Demetrius destroyed Maddison s father and she s nurtured her anger But it s her brother who sinks his yacht and it s Maddison who has to protect him by standing up to Demetrius But Demetrius is in control and has the leverage to make her do whatever he wants and he wants to see just how far she ll go to protect her brother And so he blackmails her into marrying him She agrees to a marriage on paper, but he seduces her for and she goes along with it As much as she hates him, she s shocked when she realizes she s in love with him But she s promised to destroy him with everything she has, and when someone implicates her in a revenge scheme, she ll have trouble convincing him she wasn t a part of it Mostly I didn t like this because Demetrius was an asshole I mean, there are assholes that become lovable and then t The leading man was not very strong as a character Not what I expected the leading man was weak and the plot lacked depth both protagonists were not as strong as they needed to be to make this a page turner.
Very alpha male lead Maddison S At Demetrius Papasakis S Mercy, Because Of Her Brother S Reckless Behavior But The Last Thing She Expects Is Demetrius S Marriage Demand, One She Has To Agree To It Takes Every Ounce Of Strength She Has To Get Through Their Wedding Maddison Hates Her New Husband As Much As He Hates HerSo When Demetrius Makes It Clear He Has Every Intention Of Claiming All His Temporary Wife Has To Offer, Why Does Maddison Find Him So Hard To Resist

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