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Trailer ↠´ The Green Mile PDF by ñ Stephen King Deserve than 5 stars To be honest didn t know Stephen written this book BRILLIANT BOOK, AND Author book as good as movie 5 star Loved loved the movieDon t feel like a large review, I can say if you did not watch the movie you should do so soon The Green Mile a nickname acquired because of the color on the floor in the Cold Mountain Penitentiary s somewhere in the American South , E Block , death row under a different alias, during the gloomy year of 1932, the inmates taking the long, long walk their last, to see Old Sparky, the electric chair that will end the lives of these miserable convicted killers Nevertheless , the unique green surface is the last thing the nervous residents are thinking about , in their humble cells, peering through the bars besides it isn t a distant mile, much shorter they will find out soon When the recently convicted murderer of two nine year old twin girls, the Detterick s, John Coffey, a giant black man, strong as an ox, enters his final home, The Green Mile, Stephen KingThe Green Mile is a 1996 serial novel by American writer Stephen King It tells the story of death row supervisor Paul Edgecombe s encounter with John Coffey, an unusual inmate who displays inexplicable healing and empathetic abilities The serial novel was originally released in six volumes before being republished as a single volume work The book is an example of magical realism.
Characters John Coffey, Paul Edgecombe, Percy Wet, Brutus Brutal Howell, American Law Enforcement 2002 1380 525 9646104509 20 1386 624 9789647640527 1388 20 1932.
One of King s best, up there with The Shining and The Stand.
King is able to terrify because he is adept at drawing us into a scene, luring the reader in with deft characterization and attention to detail that creates empathy and understanding.
In Francis Ford Coppola s brilliant The Godfather part II, in the scene where a young Vito Corleone played by Robert De Niro shoots Fanucci, he wrapped his pistol in a towel and the cloth catches fire after the shots That detail has stayed in my mind in greater clarity than the actual murder Coppola drew us in to that grisly sight with detail that we can feel, a towel can get scorched and catch fire, and we become a part of what s going on.
Likewise, in Steven Spielberg s 1975 film Jaws, when Roy Scheider s character is shoveling chum into the water, the shark surfaces right in front of Scheider The audience Rarely does it happen to me that I read a book which actually causes me to tear up to some extent and which I can t stop thinking about even months after turning the last page You might should have heard about the movie adaption starring Tom Hanks and the late Michael Clarke Duncan may he rest in peace , and if you haven t considered watching it yet, then please don t hesitate to do so for even one moment The Green Mile is easily one of my favorite movies of all time, and to be completely honest, I had certain doubts about whether the Stephen King novel it was actually adapted from would be capable of causing the same range of emotions in me as the movie did.
And oh, how it succeeded with doing that.
First off, allow me to mention something about my love hate relationship with Stephen King During the 80 s, he built up for himself a reputation as being one of the When It First Appeared, One Volume Per Month, Stephen King S The Green Mile Was An Unprecedented Publishing Triumph All Six Volumes Ended Up On The New York Times Bestseller Lists Simultaneously And Delighted Millions Of Fans The World OverWelcome To Cold Mountain Penitentiary, Home To The Depression Worn Men Of E Block Convicted Killers All, Each Awaits His Turn To Walk The Green Mile, Keeping A Date With Old Sparky, Cold Mountain S Electric Chair Prison Guard Paul Edgecombe Has Seen His Share Of Oddities In His Years Working The Mile But He S Never Seen Anyone Like John Coffey, A Man With The Body Of A Giant And The Mind Of A Child, Condemned For A Crime Terrifying In Its Violence And Shocking In Its Depravity In This Place Of Ultimate Retribution, Edgecombe Is About To Discover The Terrible, Wondrous Truth About Coffey, A Truth That Will Challenge His Most Cherished Beliefes And Yours I have just finished this book and wow what a read I m not at all into horror, either in books or in films, and even though my boyfriend has for years tried to get me to read Steven King I ve avoided him like the plague I did know that he wrote other types of books, namely through the re makes of these books into Hollywood films, i.
e The Shawshank Redemption , Stand By Me and of course The Green Mile but still I was weary of approaching him.
It was only after my boyfriend read this and nagged me into doing the same that I picked it up and I m so glad that I did The characters are just so beautifully written and I m not ashamed to say that I cried many a tear even though I knew exactly what was coming up having seen the movie I m a huge fan of Stephen King and The Green Mile has got to be one of the best novels he has ever written In fact, it s one of the best novels I have ever read in my entire life and a great piece of literature to boot The novel is simply amazing Once I started it, I couldn t put it down It is very beautifully written and extremely moving at times The plot is original, gripping and heart breaking All the characters had depth, and were vivid, intriguing, and believable The story is told so well that it was easy to imagine yourself in Cold Mountain Penitentiary in Alabama back in 1932 It takes a terrific writer to evoke feelings of sympathy for murderers, but Stephen King managed this effortlessly I wished that John Coffey would be set free somehow, but 5Very interesting and thought provoking book It s certainly a story that really consumes you and then you start reading it you can put it down In my opinion, it had a few issues, but overall great writing and story itself deserve readers attention.

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