✓ The Healing Power of Crystals ☆ Download by ï Magda Palmer

✓ The Healing Power of Crystals ☆ Download by ï Magda Palmer It Has Been Known Throughout The Ages That Gemstones And Crystals Possess Energies That Can Be Used To Aid In A Wide Range Of Activities From Healing To Gathering Knowledge, From Mediation To Protections, Stones And Crystals Have Long Been Useful Tools In Assisting Practitioners Of Various Spiritual Arts In Reaching Their PotentialIn This Informative, Updated Edition Of A Classic Text, Author And Gemstone Properties Expert Magda Palmer Has Completed The Mammoth Task Of Matching Gemstones And Minerals To The Celestial Bodies Of Our Solar System, Correlating Astronomical Facts With Gemmological Research Her Matches Align With Newly Discovered, Scientifically Recognized Facts In Astronomical And Gemmological Research In Order To Give Credence To Accepted FactsEach Gemstone, Rock, And Crystal Has A Unique Energy Directly Linked To Its Chemical Composition And Internal Structure, Just As The Celestial Bodies That Influenced Our Time Of Birth Emit Cosmic Forces Gained Through Their Inherent State Of Being With Our Appropriate Birthstones We Can Focus Ourselves, Enhance Our Positive Objectives, And Travel Our Tao Taking The Most Exhilarating PathsPractical And Grounded In A Deep Love Of The Subject, This Guide Offers A Valuable Resource For Practitioners Of Alternative Medicine Using Gemstones And Minerals As A Medium In Healing A Powerful And Positive Book Anchored In Sound Knowledge And Research An Enduring Classic Text It Offers Humanity Valuable Insights For Healing And Vibrant Well Being Hazel Menehira, FTCL, ANZDA, Member Of The New Zealand Society Of Authors And The Australian Society Of Authors

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