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[Alistair Moffat] ☆ The Hidden Ways: Scotland's Forgotten Roads [chess PDF] Ebook Epub Download ã Scotland has a rich and varied history, that if you know where to look, is very visible Until recently most people there walked everywhere and the paths that they trod are still visible in the landscape if you know where to look Alistair Moffat is one of those who has been looking for these historical routes in maps and books and most importantly on the ground.
His research has given us this book of ten walks scattered around Scotland each with a particular theme or historical event Beginning with the path from Loch Tay to the Firth of Tay, called the River Road, Moffat walks and talks us through the history, culture and landscape as he walks the paths From there he takes us along the Herring Road, the Rail Road, the Road to Ruin and the Road to Heaven.
I really liked the nice The idea of exploring hidden paths in the beautiful country of Scotland is intriguing and in this book Alistair Moffat takes us along on ten of them the River Road, the Invasion Road, the Road to Heaven, the Great North Road, the Road to Ruin, the Green Roads, the Herring Road, the Rail Road, the Summer Roads and the Road Block Some go further back into history than others, some are easier to find and follow than others and some are interesting than others but there they are Plans are afoot, if funding can be found, to map these hidden paths and make them accessible to those others who would enjoy walking them.
This book has given me lots of ideas for walks and the history of the roads was amazing The book spans from the Roman invasions of Scotland right up to the Second World War and the defences that were put in place at that time I liked the Drovers Road chapter the most and I ll always think about the sheepdogs making their own ways home throughout the length of Scotland I was also thrilled to find out that I ve been walking my dogs for years on a stretch of a pilgrimage route into St Andrews The thing that shines through this wonderfully engaging and informative book is the love of history, nature and the story of people that Alistair Moffat possesses His evocative writing on his journeys along these mostly long forgotten and little used pathways of travel somehow manages to create a portal between the past and present Part travel journal part history of Scotland Moffat s 12 walks takes the reader to the heart and soul of Scotland.
We learn of Roman armies tramping north and medieval pilgrims on route to St Andrews hoping to see the bones of the first disciple called by Christ Jacobites, women taking herring to market, lost rail lines and Second World War defenses are all encountered Moffat displays the frustrations, joys and hardships that is inherent in such journeys as accompanied by his OS map he seeks to overcome the lack of sign A most enjoyable and interesting book It s a subject that in the past has fascinated me and the way he interlaces the history with his own experiences makes for good reading The is no way I would attempt to walk all these old roads, but the Herring Road looks a good candidate as it is near where we will be living by the autumn I will be reading of his work in the future.
An intriguing premise, finding and walking some of Scotland s lost byways The description is good and you feel you re there with the author The accounts of the actual journeys not always walks, he is happy to admit are densely packed with information Sometimes the analyses are simplistic and even na ve, but I suppose to give a full account of the events and theories would have made this a huge book However, now and again it would have been helpful to introduce an element of doubt, or a couple of basic references, so as not to mislead readers for whom this might be a primary source Please, too, if you re following his routes, take a real compass and not just a mobile phone In The Hidden Ways, Alistair Moffat Traverses The Lost Paths Of Scotland Its Roman Roads Tramped By Armies, Its Warpaths And Pilgrim Routes, Drove Roads And Rail Roads, Turnpikes And Sea Roads In A Bid To Understand How Our History Has Left Its Mark Upon Our LandscapeAlistair S Travels Along The Hidden Ways Reveal Not Only The Searing Beauty And Magic Of The Scottish Landscape, But Open Up A New Means Of Understanding Our Past In Retracing The Forgotten Paths, He Charts A Powerful, Surprising And Moving History Of Scotland Through The Unremembered Lives Who Have Moved Through It Alistair Moffat has a way of describing the hidden ways of Scotland in a way that makes you feel like you are walking the roads, trails and hills and with him As someone who is going on a walking holiday in Scotland in a few months, I appreciated learning a little of the history of this beautiful and sometimes wild place.
Really interesting Obviously well researched and written I d have loved some good maps though I was following the walks using Google Maps on my iPad as I read the book.
I wanted to like this I love the premise and I m interested in the history and the walks but I found the writing hard to get into.

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