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¶ The History of Blood (Col Vaughn de Vries, #3) » Download by Ü Paul Mendelson I do like the de Vries books but this time my heart wasn t in it Every single female character was a victim I grew tired of the manly men whose motivation for battling trafficking was having daughters and wives, as if violence against women would otherwise be acceptable.
I would like to thank Netgalley and Little Brown for an advance copy of The History Of Blood, the third novel in Mr Mendelson s police procedural series set in Cape Town.
The police receive a call for help from a young woman in a seedy motel but when they turn up she is dead Colonel Vaughn de Vries of the Special Crime Unit immediately recognises her as Chantal Adam, daughter of an assassinated politician, former friend of his daughters and, recently, a famous model down on her luck He begins his investigation by looking in to her recent past and what he finds pushes it far beyond a simple case of suspicious death.
I am new to Mr Mendelson s writing and have not read the first two novels in the series but I will remedy this as I loved The History Of Blood It has a great plot and a logical, linear timeline with each line of enquiry leading to some information and questions which I always Haven t read a lot of crime fiction set in South Africa, but found this very enjoyable Excellent police procedural as Colonel Vaughn de Vries investigates what looks like a suicide but quickly develops into a far sinister story From a crime fiction standpoint alone, this is a good story But the intricacies of the fear and corruption within the system and the political and racial tension of a post apartheid South Africa gives the novel an extra edge.
I don t know whether I really enjoyed this book because it captured South Africa so well, or because reading South African fiction is still a novelty, or because it really was just that good.
Mendelson KNOWS South Africa, the good and the bad While reading this book, one can smell the braai vleis and the fresh dry air of the game parks, while feeling horribly frustrated at all the red tape and political decisions For readers who don t know what braai vleis is, let alone what it smells like in other words, anyone who has never been to SA before, Mendelson gives a very good guide to the country and the political changes that happened after Apartheid The crime itself is chilling, especially as it is all too real in MANY countries Chopping off this head is only going to make another grow But it does a good job of explaining the dangers out there, and the way in which t The 3rd in the series, loved every one of them so far I have the next in the series to read Its wonderful how the characters and story line has evolved over the first 3 books so far This one is centered mostly around Cape Town.
This book dealt with very current issues occurring in South Africa, very frightening and extremely violent not only against human beings but against the wildlife as well, destruction of wildlife and horrific senseless poaching of rhino horn for Asian countries I wish people would read these kinds of books to spread the word about senseless illegal poaching and shipping of rhino horn and elephant tusks, because although it is fiction it paints a pretty realistic picture of the murderous traits of poaching and destruction of wildlife, as well as th

Set in South Africa ruled by ANC, the book follows a white detective from a special unit focused on major crimes trying to solve apparent suicide of a young girl from a prominent SA family, whilst trying to deal with positive discrimination in a largely corrupt police force, ruthless ivory and drug smugglers and threats to his family Mendelson has constructed a fast moving story of a single minded policeman unpicking a case in which nobody else is really interested, at least not until another policewoman gets murdered His characters come across as real people with real people s problems, and the settings and organisational behaviours seem entirely plausible Good read.
This series has been fantastic The first book The first Rule of Survival set up all of the characters, and what makes them tick The second book The Serpentine Road really started to bring everything together It is this third book in the series The History of Blood where the flow of this police procedure series begins to shine like you knew it would.
Take what for many readers is an unknown country South Africa, specifically Cape Town , add in all of the politics regarding the post apartheid government, exceptionally well crafted storytelling, truly evil bad guys, and a cop who is always thinking about the victim and will do anything to get the criminal, and you have a wonderful 3 books so far series The next book in the series is rud to be coming in October.
All three books are available on Kindle, or you can buy the paperbacks from Book Depository.
To begin with this felt very much like the best yet a rich development of the series, but as the book progressed it seemed to me that many scenes were insufficiently explained that there was over much geographical detail at the expense of some of the actions, also a lack of explaining the reasoning behind those actions Nevertheless I find Vaughn de Vries an interesting character and the insight into South African politics enlightening.
Colonel de Vries is the lead investigator for the Serious Crimes Unit in Cape Town, South Africa He is a white career police officer at a time of momumental change in his country where the old order has been replaced by positive discrimination towards the indigenous peoples of the country.
When the daughter of a formally influential white politician calls the Police Service for help saying she s been kidnapped they tace her to a seedy hotel frequented by pimps and prostitutes.
However, the response is too late Chantel Adam is dead, possibly at her own hand The questions are many the answers too few Vaughn de Vrais is unhappy to accept it as a suicide as she was known to him and in her death he sees the potential for life as she was the same age as one of his own daughters Why would she ask for help and then When The South African Police Service Receive A Panicked Call For Help From The Wayward Daughter Of A Former Apartheid Era Politician, They Discover Only Her Body But, Within It, A Message Which Will Take Colonel Vaughn De Vries And Don February Of The Special Crimes Unit On A Journey Through Their Country And Their Country S Past To Decipher And Resolve As Organised Crime Grips South Africa, New Players Arrive In Cape Town, Determined To Exploit The Poor And Hopeless, Promising Redemption While Other Government Agencies Snap Impotently At The Small Fish, De Vries, Linked By A Personal Connection, Resolves To Follow This Trail To Its Source And Take It Down From The Top As Decades Old Webs Of Corruption And Influence Are Exposed, And The Boundaries Of Morality Blur, His Decisions Begin To Impact On His Friends, Colleagues And Family

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