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[Billy Graham] ¼ The Holy Spirit: Activating God's Power in Your Life [amish PDF] Read Online Ò This book challenged, inspired, and radically changed my thoughts on the work of the Holy Spirit and who He is as a person Billy Graham is a man who delivered such a simple message yet had such a deeply vast knowledge of the Word He was faithful to the work God called him to, and I know personally has changed my life through this book, even AFTER his time on earth had ended What a legacy to leaveshining the light on who Christ is Can t recommend this book enough Very deep and informative Learned a lot about the Holy Spirit because of this A powerful read.
Billy Graham tells us that to be saved we must not only believe Christ died for our sins but also WALK IN THE SPIRIT as per Galations 5 and Glations 6 If after saying we believe in Jesus we continue to walk in the flesh we are still under the law so it is vital that we walk in the spirit Special NOTE Billy s son Rev Franklin Graham has become vegan I m making use of this opportunity to inform my readers that the Holy Spirit wants us to become vegan to save the planet as per love your neighbor The meat industry needs millions of acres of land to grow live stock feed which causes forest to be cut down and cows belch 70 liters of methane per day If the 2.
4 billion christians in the world stopped eating meat much of this feed growing land could return to forrest and the tremendous methane pollution would stop I will show this as we go along I am well aware of Galatians 3 5 29 and 2 1 It s difficult to NOT like any book by Reverand Graham nuff said.
A Very Good read and Listen A very easy to read book on the Holy Spirit This man knows his Bible inside and out, so interesting to see the conclusions he came to, differ from other books I ve read on The Holy Spirit Joy Unspeakable by Dr Martin Lloyd Jones, another great read, He differs in his conclusions and considerations on this doctrine We need the Baptism and we need to be continually filled, that is the bottom line How we arrive there is the debate, but we needs must arrive KJ

This is a work of great simplicity, readability, and knowledge Dr Graham has communicated profound truths in simple language that even a child can understand I learned a lot from this book especially in my early days as a Christian struggling with issues concerning the Baptism and Filling of the Holy Spirit I have returned to this book often for fresh insight or to remind myself of what has proven sound from an examination of the Scriptures This book in my opinion is one of Dr Graham s greatest contributions to the cause of Christ and the Kingdom of God I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to know what the Bible teaches concerning the Holy Spirit His person and work.
I learned so much from reading this book I have great respect for Billy Graham and his ministry, so I found great comfort in exploring a topic that is often either ignored or misunderstood, and can at times be divisive within the church, from such a respected and humble leader The ideas and truths in this book are presented in straightforward and balanced manner It s accessible and enlightening, and I highly recommend Billy Graham is well known for his gift of evangelism, but this book really demonstrates his command of scripture and biblical theology A very insight look at the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives, our salvation, our sanctification and the church Also, a very good section on the Gifts of the Spirit and the Fruit of the Spirit I plan to get an updated edition and will read again at some point.
I like Graham, but he works best for me when he s on TV though those days are now gone I believe he has one of the most distinctive voices in America On top of that, I think he s a good man unlike some other clowns in the same business This is a good book, but it seems a bit redundant at times It s probably best to read it in small chapter sized bites, and then meditate on it for a while.
This Book Will Help Answer Your Questions About The Holy Spirit Who Is The Holy Spirit A Person A Spirit God Why Did The Holy Spirit Come To The World Where Did He Come From What Does The Holy Spirit Do Has The Holy Spirit Always Been Active In Old Testament Times Today How Does The Holy Spirit Communicate How Does He Minister And Witness What Exactly Is The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit What Are The Sins Against The Spirit Which Can Be Committed By Christians What Is Sanctification Is Speaking In Tongues Possible What Is The Significance Of The Charismatic Movement In The Church Today This Book Will Help You To Discover And Implement God S Power In Your Life Who Is Ruling Your Life Who Should Be How Can You Know The Holy Spirit S Power In Your Life Day By Day Are You Aware That Anything Short Of A Spirit Controlled Life Is Less Than God S Promise For You Do You Know That To Be Filled By The Spirit Is Not A Choice For Christians, But A Command Do You Know That The Holy Spirit Is Committed To Give You The Freedom Not To Sin Do You Know That The Holy Spirit Is Your Proof Of Purchase God S Pledge To You Of Your Inheritance To Come What Are The Gifts Of The Spirit Are You Acknowledging And Using As Power For Your Life All Of The Special Gifts From The Spirit

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