Trailer ☆ The Kenneth Anderson Omnibus PDF by ì Kenneth Anderson

Trailer ☆ The Kenneth Anderson Omnibus PDF by ì Kenneth Anderson The way Kenneth narrates his experiences are truly awesome and you would be on the edge of your seat or bed or wherever you are at the moment For days, I couldn t sleep without checking if there is a man eater hiding under my bed When i got over that, it was the fear of rogue elephants haunting me Through it all, I would give anything to read Kenneth s experiences again and again and again simply superb THE BLACK PANTHER OF SIVANIPALLIThe Author, Famous For Hunting Man Eating Tigers, Finds In A Wily Panther A Real Challenger To His Hunting Acumen THE TIGER ROARSHailed As The Best Of All Of Anderson S books, The Celebrated Author Reminisces About The Man Eating Tigers He Had Tracked Down, A Ferocious Panther Fond Of Human Blood, The Aging Elephant Meeting A Sad End, And His Own Adventurous Hours Spent In The Primeval Jungles Of India JUNGLES LONG AGOTaking A Holiday From Big Game Hunting, Anderson Lovingly Reminisces About His Exciting Days And Star Lit Nights Spent Amidst The Simple Folks Inhabiting The Fringes Of Dark Forests I read this cover to cover from my dad s collection when I was a teenager Like my dad I m fascinated by wildlife, unlike him I haven t actually roamed jungles nor lived in the outdoors But the strange enigmatic stories from the wild unknown were something that scared me but also drew me in completely So I read a lot of Kenneth Anderson and Jim Corbett books and each story, each magnificent animal, the experiences of the characters and the vicious brutal enigmatic experiences shared will to this day hold me in a spellbinding trance Somehow even though it s mostly about tigers and other big cats, each one is unique and amazing.
read this book during night While Corbett explores Garwhal region, Kenneth Anderson explores South India I especially liked the episode with the supernatural in the temple well and the pet bear and hyena stories Description of the forests are less literary but quite enjoyable reading.
Jim Corbett of South India, if you like jim corbett you will like Kenneth s books.

Very different from Jim Corbett.
Anderson being a hunter possesed the narrative skills at par like the greats of Satyajit Ray, a must read for corbett fans It is not just a reading It is an experience.

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