Ñ The Kingdom ò Download by Ö Amanda Stevens

Ñ The Kingdom ò Download by Ö Amanda Stevens Hmmm.
I don t know how I feel about this one I did enjoy it, the story was very terrifying and scary, loads of new mysteries on the horizon, some answered questions, like who Amelia is and why is she the way she is, but I got lost sometimes Maybe I wasn t paying attention, or maybe it wasn t explained properly, but some things didn t make quite sense to me.
Well, overall, it was a good read and I ll continue with the series.
The isolated kingdom surrounded by water looms heavy over the town that once blossom, now cloaked by darkness and evil And there underneath the water lays stone angels and the graves of those of the unrest as they walk among the living looking for peace and justice.
The Kingdom takes place a few months after the events of The Restorer, with the focus on a past unknown to even Amelia Gray Amanda Stevens turns up the dial on the spooky and suspense level First and foremost with The Restorer this book gave me nightmares It all worth it in the end Leaving behind Charleston with the sultry setting Stevens takes Amelia and the readers to an isolated mountain town Asher Falls surround by water and mountains Buried under the town and the water lurks one of th

5 starsSomething was seriously amiss in this town I d felt it the moment I crossed Bell Lake The shadows seem deeper, the nights longer, the secrets older Even the wind felt different here In The Kingdom, second book in The Graveyard Queen series, Amelia Gray is called to restore the local cemetery in Asher Falls, South Carolina, and she gladly accepts, hoping that some time away will help put emotional distance between her and John Devlin, the haunted police detective she desperately loves The job, however, is not as simple as it seemed to be Thorngate cemetery and the powerful family that used to own it are surrounded by controversy and not everyone is welcoming Amelia soon discovers that she has blood ties to the place and she is forced to face not only the ghosts that are everywhere, but her family s history as well It is strang Much better than the first one There wasn t much of a romance, in my opinion, because I didn t think Thane Asher would usurp Devlin s place in Amelia s heart The mystery was well plotted and I while I did guess pretty early on what was going on, it was satisfying to be in the know I have to say, there were some pretty terrible people here Very sad what selfish people were willing to do Thankfully, there was some just retribution I thought The Kingdom was way spookier than The Restorer the evil lurking was palpable I was pleased to learn about Amelia s origins We get a lot of answers and I wonder how some of the discoveries will impact her familial relationships Angus the dog was a bright spot in the story My heart bleeds when any animal suffers mistreatment, but he didn t let that break him, and now he has Amelia as his friend and protector T Excepto las ltimas 50 p ginas la autora no ha sabido atraparme en la historia Seguro que cosa m a, dadas las buenas cr ticas que tiene la novela.
No he entendido muchas cosas esa relaci n con Thane no recuerdo si se escribe as con esas escenas que ni merecen comentarse entre ambos, no s si tanto sigue pensando en Devlin ser a para ella les diera suficiente importancia, no Y ese responsable de todo No s , como si ella, que no tiene pareja necesitara excusas esa moraleja no me ha gustadoEn general me ha gustado la ambientaci n y todos los personajes secundarios, pero mi gran pero es que la historia en general me la imagin antes de llegar ni tan siguiera a la mitad del libro y eso en una novela de suspense no me convence nada.
Me sigue gustando el estilo de la autora, muy visual, algunas es Una serie incre ble nica Realmente poco puedo decir o a adir sobre lo ya dicho, pero la autora consigue con esta segunda parte un relato m s oscuro y siniestro, capaz de hacernos sentir el mal que asola en Asher Falls M gico This story really disappointed me Honestly, I was expecting a whole lot from thisAfter reading the first volume, Amelia s strange characterization no longer came as a surprise But while on the first story, the mystery kept me from dwelling on a couple of things that I just found irritating in this one, the mystery wasn t all that interestingand not all that mysterious.
If the book were to be evaluated only on account of his photography aspect,its so called atmosphere and scenario, it would definitely deserve a higher rating The whole underwater graveyard scenario was creepy as hellBut then let s talk about the attempted sense of creepy horror thing that tries to permeate the story.
it didn t work There wasn t anything new in it, so it just become boring to read I am used to reading dark fantasy stories, namely some works by Marion Zi Pese a tener un inicio muy lento demasiado para mi gusto , la autora sabe solucionarlo con ese aire misterioso y tenebroso que hace que no te despegues de sus p ginas La parte del gran misterio ya intu a por donde iban a ir los tiros, pero me ha gustado much simo ese giro del final, ha descuadrado todos mis esquemas.
Pero sigo diciendo lo mismo, siento como que Amanda mete mucha paja a la historia y luego todo lo soluciona en las ltimas p ginas Le doy el 4 por el ambiente y por la forma de escribir.
Y lo digo como lo siento, Thane da mil vueltas a Devlin.
Deep In The Shadowy Foothills Of The Blue Ridge Mountains Lies A Dying TownMy Name Is Amelia Gray They Call Me The Graveyard Queen I Ve Been Commissioned To Restore An Old Cemetery In Asher Falls, South Carolina, But I M Coming To Think I Have Another Purpose HereWhy Is There A Cemetery At The Bottom Of Bell Lake Why Am I Drawn Time And Again To A Hidden Grave I Ve Discovered In The Woods Something Is Eating Away At The Soul Of This Town, This Withering Kingdom, And It Will Only Be Restored If I Can Uncover The Truth amo a esta mujer Me encanta como escribe y sus historias aunque extra e a Devlin.

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